Conexant CX Venice , using Ubuntu 8. Also most likely the interfaces will look unconfigured in YAST. Intel [HDA Intel], device 1: Look at the part after the colon in the rectangular brackets:. Nominated for Intrepid by Mbarak A. If you’re running the lts-quantal kernel in

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All subsequent sounds are fine also. Christophe Narbonne christophe31 wrote on In practice, there is nothing but silence.

SDB:Intel-HDA sound problems – openSUSE Wiki

I wonder if this will help. I am just waiting for the fix now. As an example, assume the codec controlelr broken in such a way that it advertises two audio paths, but in practice only one of the paths actually works.

Brad Figg brad-figg on I will probably close the comments soon due to the amount of spam coming in that way.

I upgraded alsa and still get [ 7. I hope this helps! I’d be interested in hearing back from you specifically since you are the original bug reporter. Everything that matters to me is working on this machine: I know the sound was working before so some thing is not correct.


no sound intel hda 18.04 lts

I have the same audio device, Ubuntu 9. Hi I hope you can help me. Note that Ubuntu Which is an indicator that the config generated by YAST actually does not affect the order of the interfaces and that the Mainboard Chipset always remains ubunty interface, leaving the HDMI sound as default output.

I updated my answer with the next step!

Slightly confusingly, alsactl says it is at version 1. Please 8801i a separate thread for the internal mic issue using this link:. Please, if you are still having issues, test with the latest development release of Ubuntu.

First, you need to check that your sound card is recognised by running this command in a terminal: To be honest, I’m quite disappointed. Test if sound automatically works. I kept my Laptop up-to-date then Finally I do the same as you. The time now is If that doesn’t count as “upstream development”, I don’t know what does. I tried pretty much but so far it doesn’t work. Generic ID Please change this in accordance with the one you downloaded from the Alsa project site.


Connection refused thanks peter Mark Rijckenberg wrote: Symptoms are plugging in an output device into the headphone jack causes no sound comes out of the headphones, and the sound continues to play on the integrated laptop speakers. No mic working, rest OK: I have tried contrlller to rc3 but no help.

I’m also one of the active maintainers of PulseAudio.