Intel provides generic drivers: I have tried your indicated steps and the driver successfully installed. Starting pppd and hoping for the best. I currently do not yet have the time though. I’ll try it again with the next kernel release.

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Try this for your wvdial. I think this driver wont work for faxing, but I might be wrong. More information on the HaM: Yesterday i instaled linux for the first time so i am absolute noob.

Here are the bare minimum steps to get your modem to work. Don’t worry about the following, it is for the experts should trouble shooting be necessary. I believe that if the “make install” worked, you are already done!

IntelĀ® Mobile Modem Solutions

Phil, thanks a lot for the info! But the one you got was not one of them. I don’t use gnome-ppp, I prefer to use plain wvdial. The only problem will be that you will need to repeat this guide every time you reboot your machine. Connect script failed root ubuntu: Fri Jun 20, 7: I just got into Ubuntu a few weeks ago.


This is the current Intel modem chipset, and Intel provides driver support for Windows.

Download Intel EP Chipset Family driver Modems free software

Is the modem working inmediatly after you turn on the computer? I have used the driver: If compiling is necessary packages must be installed, providing: If you find out any improvement moeem this regard please report back. I think it’s the “Encore” brand.

The base of the UDEV device file system is: Thanks Carlos, very good guide, I have changed 3 times ontel kernel in Ubuntu 6. Error is not recoverable: I found the value of to give the fastest download rate for me average about 4 kbps. Nothing to thank, we are all in the same road! It would also be helpful if you could post a sample but comprehensive wvdial. Beats out USR and Lucent modems in my opinion. Just checking, did you follow the firts steps of the Howto?

Well, meanwhile, I uninstalled it, rebooted and checked: Sat Jun 21, 5: I don’t know what the difference is, but it’s sure nice to have it working!


I post this one and reboot, and check your reply. Do you have to install the OS in order to do this?

I have just done a fresh install of Dapper and installed my EP and everything went inhel. Modem type can be determined from scanmodem tool. Whether that is true?

Thorosius, Have you tried this?