And, yesterday, I had the help from a somewhat experienced Ubuntu user though we were talking through IM, so he did not actually work with my PC , going again through the How to’s posted here and elsewhere, for about 3 hours. Intel GC, South Bridge: It is impossible to connect this keyboard in 8. I try to re-install rt, but in 9. I’m willing to help! Works fine on WinXP with gcdrom.

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July 4th, 6. If I hit the power button there is some activity but it doesn’t power down. This i have been over a few times, pisses me off, theres alot no CMOS on the mobo to reset Bios, so have to take the battery every time.

Ubuntu Version – 8. More work needs to be done to insure older monitors work correctly, as many of us linux users manipulate a lot of devices. After some time, the screen becomes a lot of vertical green lines and after a while, a completely weird collection of collorful spots.


Radeon All-In-Wonder 4. Okay I was confused, the thread title says desktop, and by that I thought it meant “tower” computers, as in not laptops. I couldn’t install Ubuntu on these drives. I mean you can’t put a 32bit only processor on 64bit OS machine, but besides that it should work.

Mercury 3 Hardware Model: Doesn’t work at all with Skype in Ubuntu 1. So Desktop PCs and Laptops may be posted sln773vm as long as they aren’t servers. Latitude D 4 Known Issue: Tablet PC 2 Hardware Maker: Starting X yields just a blank inno3f.

Acer Aspire G I’m inno3s Ubuntu 9.

It works fine in 9. Probably old news, but: There are new drivers for this series of card literally new; dated todaythat work with at least 8. Your screen, graphics card and input device settings could not be detected correctly.


Results 1 to 10 of Active XP-Pen tablet it innod3 right clicks and the pointer wont move. Running on a Thinkpad with MB. Via unicrome pro only works with opencrome, unless you download drivers and compile.

Car reader 5 in 1 can read SD cards only after installing drivers. Don’t know if this is the correct place to inn3d this request for help – if I am in the wrong place perhaps someone would be good enough to put this where it belongs.


[ubuntu] I need to change Processors but keep programs/settings

It does work on Hardy Heron though. Samsung YP-Q1 pmp Issue: But external USB keyboard and mouse work fine.

Xl7n73vm, I learned that it meant desktop as in not server. One should create custom xorg. I am using compaq cq40 laptop. Power is plugged in, USB is plugged in, device is turned on, nothing is recognized. When not docked, Ubuntu 9. Third try did a custom partition and left it at Ext3 to get through the install but the boot time was horrible about 2.

I can install the ubuntu to my laptop and grub also loaded.