With WiFi, there is always some onboard application for connection information. You can also have WiFi turn itself off if it gets disconnected for to long. Mobile by Marrian Zhou 2 days ago. You can specify if you want better performance or the best possible battery life. When you begin using the keyboard it becomes backlit, which is good for highlighting the keys.

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Phones by Lori Grunin 2 days ago. In any case, a SDIO slot has been included so in case there isn’t something embedded you want, you can use that. But if you have the money, want power, and need connectivity, the i-mate PDA2k could be right device for you.

i-mate PDA2k – Full phone specifications

The big reason for why Bluetooth is a good idea on this device is because the device is a phone and new Bluetooth headsets are a great addition to pda22k the device as a phone. Under the screen is a thumb keyboard and on the back of the unit is a VGA camera.

I am not using a screen protector and think that something like a Clear Touch screen protector would help, but still it would have been nice to see some kind of special screen imatf to prevent smudging. A budget phone shouldn’t be this good A budget phone shouldn’t be this good by Patrick Holland.

It is very easy to hear calls and get the caller good and loud. This works well in an environment where there you are not crossing into a lot of WiFi networks you don’t have access to. Stylish black and silver. I often use WiFi in my daily life and love having it embedded in the device instead of having to use a card.


It is pretty imaate, and rather large for my taste. Because of the large antenna on the SDIO card, you can’t slide open the device to reveal the keyboard.

A place where this came in handy was on campus at school where there is only a couple WiFi points spread across campus. Smartphone Radiation Safety Helpline: It is also immediately noticeable the number of buttons on the front.

Review: i-mate PDA2k – Dave’s PDA Place

It is neat to have, but I don’t know that it has much practical use. Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, WAV ringtones. The 9 best streaming services Phones by Rick Broida 4 days ago. Here’s how to get the most out of your AirPods, and a few imahe you may not know.

Club i-mate i-mate PDA2k

Having more buttons gives you more options for how to control your device. On the cell phone side for things, I have noticed the radio in the PDA2k is relatively strong compared to my phones and others those around me use as I was often able to get service where others phones may not be able to.

The screen is bit color with a max resolution of x no VGA supportand has a surprisingly vibrant screen. The camera is good for quick snapshots, but that is about it. Huawei exceeds million smartphone shipments, setting company record It credits the success of its P20 and Honor 10 phones, among others.


Then my girlfriend noted it, and when I said I thought it was one of the two things I just mentioned, she said she just didn’t think it sounded as clear as other phones.

Phones by Jessica Dolcourt 2 days ago.

The bottom of the device has the soft reset button, sync port which can also be used for power, but there is no AC adapter portand the microphone which is not in a good location for phone calls nor for recoding voices in a room.

I noticed a number pad2k people had trouble hearing me.

Hard Reset I-MATE PDA2k (HTC Blueangel)

The cradle really isn’t anything special. To test the device, I used it to make all my calls. The 9 best streaming imat Watch movies for free: It is a pinnacle of style, power, and functionality all rolled into one device. Phones by Lynn La 7 days ago. Design Dimensions x For users that think they may be using a GPS SDIO card with the pd2ak or a future type of SD card that wouldn’t fit completely in the device, this would be a drawback to the device.