While we weren’t particularly fond of the generic design of the primary buttons, the overall layout of the buttons on the Ikari was exceptional. The mouse has 5 buttons, a scroll wheel and an additional button to switch between two different game settings. I should’ve know, I did read a review about the Here, the general shape and button layout can be seen. The Ikari features a maximum CPI rate of 3, and a sampling rate of 40, per second. Last September, the guys at SteelSeries dropped a bomb on the gaming mice market. The overall feel, construction and feature-set is all that you would come to expect from a gaming mouse.

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SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Pro Gaming Pn62013 Black / White

Read on to find out. Siddharth Mody 23 Feb, To help support this, the Ikari laser features large glide mousee for minimum friction between the mouse and surface. This makes cursor movement less predictable and inaccurate.

This feature allows gamers to get the finest sensitivity tuning that has ever been possible on a mouse.

As a result, the Ikari lacks the specialized feel of other mice. I should’ve know, I did read a review about the Well as the title explains pretty much. While the Ikari may not be breaking any paradigms in terms of looks, SteelSeries has taken several fundamental functions of mice and drastically improved them for gaming purposes. This is the worst mouse ever used I am a hardcore gamer I used to play csgo and dota daily with in 3 months LMB not working properly auto double click even though I clicked once and flipkart is not replaceing it so guys if u are gamers please don’t buy this shit mouse if u play cs go or dota I recommend u to buy razor mouse.


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SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review – IGN

The main click button failed in less than a 4 months, there was no heavy use or game playing involved! This mouse is specially designed and optimized for those who enjoy play first person shooter games.

Ergonomics, grip, and motion styles have been researched and tested extensively to achieve maximum comfort in mouse movement. All of the buttons are easy to use except the CPI toggle, which requires a finger to curl inwards, and the tactile response of the buttons feels great.

After a bad experience with razer DA, Thought I’d try out other product and got this mouse but ikqri 3 weeks it just gave up and started to double click and became useless and of course got the replacement in a while and within a week that too starts to crap out on me with the double click and right click issues, Guys don’t buy this mouse your chances of getting a sour batch is high, Instead go for a Logitech mouse.

Add 2 Items to Cart. Steel Series Qck Mousepad.

The packaging is understated and clean, and highlights the main features of the Ikari on the front of box. One thing of note is that the cable sleeving adds rigidity and weight to the cable, which may interfere slightly with moving the mouse, since the mouse itself is exceptionally light.


Does it set the bar or fall incredibly short of it? During our trials the Ikari fared well in several FPS and strategy titles. Certified BuyerBangalore. The feature list is where things get very interesting. Its advanced curves make it adaptable ikati all forms of gaming whether they are fast or slow paced.

There are two white LEDs mounted on the left side of the mouse to indicate the current sensitivity CPI, or counts per inch setting. However, to utilize the Ikari’s fully programmable functionality users must install the included software. That, or they finally tried to sit through the entire intro to Victory Road.

Here, the general shape and button layout can be seen.

SteelSeries have designed a chipset that can perform image correlation calculations with much fewer inputs than other chipsets, allowing the Ikari to ikrai for motion more frequently.

Easy to grip, you can indulge in extended gaming sessions without feeling mouss out. We recommend to change glides regularly as they eventually get worn down. This year SteelSeries released a line of neckband headphones read the full review here and an all-new line of optical and laser mice, which they aptly dubbed Ikari.

But Steelseries ikari beats everyone in grip! With a CPI counts per inch between andthis optical mouse enables fast and precise movements.