Franklin , Mar 12, My “C” drive is on a partition of 5 gig with xp,security apps and maintenance programs taking up 1. Devinco , Mar 12, WSFuser , Mar 11, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Yes, my password is: Thank goodness I don’t want NET.

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The Four Circles of XP (Extreme Programming)

Did anyone mention that if you don’t use the hibernate feature it can be turned off in power options to save disk space equal to the size of your ram. No, create an account now.

The alternative runtimes work for me. Where are these files stored and can one safely remove them?

Ghost images are around the meg mark and backing up only takes 2 mins. But I am looking for something more aggressive. Yes, my password is: Like BV’s site, it would point out the biggest offender’s, what they are used for and if it’s relatively safe to remove and the best way to remove.


Oct 7, Posts: I want a lean OS to start with. I am already compressing the images on backup.

DevincoMar 12, Ones persons needs are different to anothers but with imaging software you are quite safe to try different things. Blackviper’s advice appears to be discredited, see: WSFuserMar 11, Jun 16, Posts: Best ways to put Windows XP Pro on a diet?

I can run the Disk Cleanup utility and get rid of temp files and some items. Windows 10 suddenly cannot see Windows XP on local network zmechysOct 16, I think n-lite requires net framework which is a 20 meg download. Cie also have turned off the Workstation service and don’t have any probs.

The Four Circles of XP (Extreme Programming) – J.D. Meier’s Blog

Mar 16, Posts: This might x; worth a look https: FranklinMar 12, Windows Insider says “It’s on purpose” updates have slowed way down on Win8 rodneymOct 20, My “C” drive is on a partition of 5 gig with xp,security apps and maintenance programs taking up 1. You will earn far more space by: I can also remove some of the Windows components from the control panel.


WSFuserMar 12, Mrkvonic Nov 12, May 12, Posts: I would like to get rid of the biggest space hogs first. I don’t want to use Windows XP’s drive compression either. Are there websites that help people put the bloated beast that is Windows on a diet? What’s the best way to get rid of it?

RmusMar 12, This would be on a clean reformatted fresh install.