Rates are based on a customer’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options and may vary by country. Customers can choose to upgrade their base warranty service from next business day 8: Not warranted by IBM. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. During a write operation, the leading head writes and the following head verifies the write.

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One 20 GB data cartridgeone cleaning cartridge, and one test cartridge is included with the initial shipment of the Model 1U Autoloader. Performing the internal self-test FC or Use the information in this topic to perform an internal self-test on your tape drive.

Features – No charge. Posted September 21, The educational allowance may not be added to any other discount or allowance.

I will try them then, and see what happens. This autoloader includes one VXA Tape Drive with ten cartridge slots with an autoloader capacity of 1. They can help you integrate your high-speed networks, storage systems, application servers, wireless protocols and an array of platforms, middleware and communications software for IBM and many non-IBM offerings.

For additional media supplies, refer to: If you need to backup larger amounts of data, or need a higher performance tape drive, consider the following: The displayable manuals are part of the basic machine-readable material. Loading and unloading tape cartridges Learn about loading and unloading tape cartridges from this drive. Another aspect of VXA is that there are 2 read heads for each stripe, slightly offset in relation to each other to allow for more flexibility in reading tapes written by other drives.


The product books are offered in source file form as no-charge feature number. Yes Licensed internal code: Posted August 29, One only cable feature. The Model is only 1U high and designed to mount on slides in a standard inch rack. This tape drive uses VXA tape data cartridges and is capable of compression, providing a capacity of up to GB. On November 20,Exabyte was purchased by Tandberg Data who has since stopped further development of the format.

80/160 GB internal tape drive VXA-2 (FC 6120)

Customer setup, operation, and service publications are available. At a glance IBM tape combined with automation reliability at competitive prices. We have had some success using a smaller supported tape. The following publications are shipped with the product, as appropriate.

For optimum performance, you must obtain the fevice level of firmware prior to installing the unit. We had a VXA-2 drive previously that kept reporting dirty heads, even immediately after inserting a cleaning tape.


Family +02 IBM 1U VXA-2 Autoloader

Country indications listed above represent typical usage and do no preclude usage in other countries. The 1U Tape Autoloader constitutes an excellent tape storage solution if you have an existing VXA tape system or require high-performance automated tape backup.

Rates are based on a customer’s credit rating, financing terms, offering type, equipment type, and options and may vary by country. The specify codes listed below must be used when an alternative to the ELINK configurator default is required.

Sign in Already have an account? Make sure the driver for the tape drive is disabled in the WIndows device manager. Copies are available upon request. Sign In Sign Up. As of Friday, our recycle weekly backup Retrospect said that the tape was “Incompatible”.