I tried that and got “No supported wireless adapters [ This computer offers all new features such as hybrid graphics, LED backlit displays, and power-saving refinements that let the notebook get extraordinary battery life. System performance with the Intel T processor and ATI graphics was great, handling everything we threw at it, even some video games. The rubber feet have also been slightly tweaked, now feeling softer, and you get an additional springy nub. Interesting, though, that the vendor’s listing said it was a W13, but we ended up with CTO. Audio performance is one category the Lenovo T did not excel in, which is pretty common for business oriented notebooks.

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Hope to know more by early next week. T60 keyboard left versus T keyboard right view large image. Plenty of time to cover two full length movies.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T Intel Wireless Card WiFi Link – 43Y | eBay

While it is a big drop from nearly 10 hours under normal circumstances, you have more than enough time to play around through a few classes or meetings if needed. Next step is prying off the cover of the computer, perhaps? If you take away the keyboard and make other weight reducing or durability reducing changes to the notebook design, you will no doubt alienate many of your followers. Nearly 10 hours of runtime with the extended battery easily puts this notebook into the all-day computing category.


Register Sign In Help. The texture is identical to the older touchpad, and sensitivity is just as good. Vertical angles are better than average, with a modest sweet spot before colors start to invert and wash out.

This is so that lenovo can easily identify preconfigured models vs. How do I turn on the wireless on my Lenovo T Thinkpad?

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T400 Intel Wireless Card WiFi Link 5100 – 43Y6493

The design of the T has changed a bit. The highest backlight setting is very bright, easy outshining my IPS FlexView panel by lbm wide margin. Your base configuration was a W13, but it became a CTO when you changed the spec. The wireleas design has a much stronger back-plate, which is removed on the new revision. Here’s what I see: The vendor had a license for a downgrade from Vista, so I took it, and it came with XP out of the box. Somehow the wi-fi card was dropped from the build request; the next one will have the correct card.

I’ve contacted the vendor, all is in process. This switch can be made on-the-fly without a reboot. Build quality is very similar to the previous generation T61, with all of its strengths and weaknesses.

The cooling system seemed greatly improved over the prior generations, letting the notebook run whisper quiet sireless very cool to the touch under most circumstances.

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Compared to my T60, the touchpad buttons feel much firmer, and have more support from edge to edge. When watching XVID encoded movies off the hard drive the 9-cell had an estimated im hours and 45 minutes of battery life, drawing 13 watts of power. The changes are subtle to the untrained eye, but they are there. The optical bay connections have changed from the previous generation, moving more towards a SATA style connector, rendering older drive incompatible.


Horizontal viewing range is wirelesz, with colors washing out slightly, but still staying accurate. Overall the panel is easy on the eyes with even light distribution and a wide adjustment range for the LED backlighting.

Without the plastic blank in place the palmrest does want to igm down at that location under stress. In dedicated graphics mode under the same settings battery life falls by exactly 2 hours down to 7 hours and 41 minutes, and power draw increases to No registered users and 3 guests. Audio performance is one category the Lenovo T did not excel in, which is pretty common for business oriented notebooks. It will be a 7 ivm alpha-numeric like CU.

Make sure it’s ON. On our particular configuration with the SD card reader taking the place of the PC-Card slot and we get a cheap plastic blank instead of a spring loaded flap.