Please click ” Kudos ” for Ego Boost!! Laptops don’t just suddenly lose their ability to sleep on a hardware level I got one of these for the scroll point and USB to do a hack on a trackball. The colour is actually very subtle, but the metallic black really has an edge with the glitter in the injection plastic. David Hill the industrial designer of the mouse remarked: But the thing about the Scrollpoint Pro is that it’s actually the sort of mouse I’d use, not a strange curio. Flashing the controller will require desoldering the Cyprus microcontroller and adding a socket; relatively easy if you have soldering equipment.

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Internet surfers using this contoured mouse will enjoy increased comfortable and pressure-sensitive scrolling in any direction.

It’s also possible to replace the 5mm red optical sensing LED to blue. If you need warranty service, return or exchange is available In addition, if your IBM option is installed in an IBM computer, you may be entitled to service at your location. These things are quite durable, I spilled a bunch of juice in mine, and it still works.


Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — 800 dpi — PS/2 & USB

I’m not sure what existing IC is in use by the ScrollPoints or other optical mice which use similar indiscreet sensors.

IBM assumes that Section applies only to normal and routine end-user operations, and not to setup and service functions.

Refer to the IBM Web site at: Your Friend Wil Declares Found it and using it at 3-buyton moment. Are those mice ball or optical? One would think that the tech guyswould have made a suite for it by now.

They discontinued the more elaborate ScrollPoint III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture and little demand. I’m sure there’s a way to get degree scrolling to work though. See our Sustainability Report.

Force-sensing stick for scrolling and other functions including: This PCB is connected by two ribbon cables that are hard-soldered.

Muchas gracias, Ian Vancouver. The ScrollPoint pointing stick is ideal for horizontal and vertical scrolling. It is possible to ‘donate’ the rubber siding from scrolloint ball ScrollPoint Pro to the optical one, this does require some minor modifications however. It’s pressure sensitive and can be controlled to suit your needs. If you have different coloured ScrollPoints, you can mix and match button colours. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.


Lenovo 31P7405 Optical 3-button SCROLLPOINT Mouse

Lenovo Multimedia Controller Review. Did you miss your activation email? Please click ” Kudos ” for Ego Boost!! Various online scrolkpoint and auctions will generally have ScrollPoint mice available in bulk.

Beyond the usual checks for the word not being a vulgar colloquialism in some obscure language. They should have done more research when choosing the name.

They beat Trashpads by a mile. If I ever get a chip programmer I will update this section with more information.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — dpi — PS/2 & USB

Works on many types of surfaces. AT F layout, M technology. If you’re moderately gentle the original porous texture underneath the rubber will be preserved. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies.

Basically the same mouse, but with a different ‘top’.