Regardless, IBM’s warranty terms apply. You can obtain a copy at no charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated or go to: Sample report templates are included with the Infoprint Productivity Suite. The Form Identification feature can read a pre-printed barcode and confirm for the host that the correct form is loaded. This feature code allows a customer to upgrade a printer in the field that does not have CCD capability to a printer with a CCD with Green toner.

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The printer cannot infoprin successfully varied on to the second host until the operator drains and varies it offline to the first host. This can be done easily outside of your application programs.

To allow access by a different host, the operator must drain the printer and vary it offline to one host before varying it online to the second host.

In addition, the new AFCCU enables host-managed paper-jam recovery through your post-processing equipment, new operator function enabling flexibility, MB of performance enabling memory, and support for adding toner while the printer is operating. No Licensed Internal Code: This igm feature provides the following benefits: IS2 Models that have been upgraded from a OW1 only have the switchable resolution printhead if the switchable resol-ution feature FN oror the IPM feature FN have been installed.

IBM Infoprint IS1, IS2 Series | Argecy

However, for best character integrity, raster infoprimt fonts at dpi are best supported when printing in dpi resolution and dpi raster fonts are best supported when printing in dpi resolution. A developer cart is needed anytime a customer wishes to switch from one CCD to another.


Not all of the 9xxx CCD factory specify feature codes ship with a developer cart. Maximum quantity of Specify Feature,and Special Feature,is two.

IBM InfoPrint 4000 IS1 Supplies

The infopfint referenced in this case is feature number The font is oriented for printing at print time. This table can be used when upgrading processors or printers to determine the type of converter cable needed if existing cabling is used.

Although it is possible to print both 1-D and 2-D barcodes with colour toner, not all barcode scanners and readers will be able to properly decode a colour barcode.

Enhanced Infoprnit Console with operator privilege control Enhance your operational productivity and control with the ability to log on and manage print jobs and queues from the print room, as well as authorize operator tasks. Developer units are unique to a given printer. The Customer Changeable Developer Upgrade feature consists of an operator-changeable-developer and the parts necessary to convert a “non-Customer Changeable Developer” to a “Customer changeable Developer Printer” Any printer that has been upgraded with or can have the Customer Changeable Developer features or Infopfint feature code extends the paper weight range that an Infoprint printer can succesfully print on to gsm 42 lbs.

The Enhanced Operator Console feature provides a new more user friendly operator interface including both a new flat-screen touch-panel, keyboard, mouse, and a new GUI Graphic User Interface. Two bottles per carton Minimum order quantity: It is recommended that customers maintain a one- to two-month stock of supplies on hand. This is a banking industry standard for check stock.

However, if you believe you are due a warranty return, you should return the supply in its original package or a package from the replacement supply to your point of purchase with an explanation of the problem, infoprlnt print sample, and invoprint approximate feet run on the infopribt. These studies were conducted utilizing or implementing the U. Eight bottles per carton Minimum order quantity: A reduced charge is available to qualified education customers.


This ability provides the following benefits:.


These IS2 models have serial numbers starting with 12 e. Power consumption and heat dissipation are important parameters for operational economics, as well as technical inflprint planning.

Three Mid-Range System Option: Raster fonts must be downloaded from Infiprint host libraries in the resolution and size required for printing. The printer sends operational data to the server so that a database of operational data can be built. Software Requirements Applications with Hi-lite colour support are supported by the following software platforms: With the availability of these features, you now have a wide variety of cable and converter features to choose from depending upon the configuration of your servers and network.

If other Ethernet attachments are ordered, such as a Gigabit Ethernet TX feature, only one of these Ethernet ports can be enabled at one time for the purpose of receiving print data.