Follow the directions on your screen. The recommended solution for this issue is to upgrade your HylaFAX server to the most recent version. You can allow the Users group to fax by changing the permissions on the fax directory. Here is a sample VB script to programmatically send faxes: If you still require assistance, please contact:

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The drop list might scroll, so it may not be obvious that it’s at the bottom of the list. Of course, name it whatever you want, preferably something that says, “hey, this is going to a FAX machine. You may not need the username -or- password, in which case, you can leave password blank, but the username is always required, even if it isn’t authenticated. Next, a box will pop up for hylsfax to name the port.

Locate the port you just created. Hy,afax computer name if the server is remote. The server license supports Windows, and Server in bit and bit modes. DLL files and registers the monitor with the system. Okay, now you’re ready to print a test job. The default permissions of Windows only permit faxing by Administrators. Looking in the debug log shows that the password is not being accepted. It relies on HylaFAX’s dialing rules to make sense of it. Next, select winsows printer type.


HylaFAX Community Edition

The HylaFSP icon will be displayed on the bottom row and is represented by light blue and navy blue flags. Using the familiar Windows fax wizard, HylaFSP removes the complexities of desktop fax so even the non-technical user can fax in confidence!

The recommended solution is to upgrade your HylaFAX server to version 4. A logfile will be written in c: When you send anything to this printer, a dialog box will appear:. You can either downgrade to libtiff Here is a pringer VB script to programmatically send faxes: The options will be shown to you as you are guided through fax process in HylaFSP.

Right-click on the printer to call up its properties, and select the “Ports” tab.

It’s not intended to be fancy or all encompassing, just a bylafax and easy way to send FAXes from any Windows application. It is packaged in the form of a Windows Installer, which installs the required sets of.

HylaFSP integrates with your existing Windows address book. Click on the Apple in the top left of your screen and then on System Preferences. First, you’ll want to create an appropriate PostScript printer using the “Add Windowz button.


HylaFSP will increase productivity, save resources, and reduce faxing errors inherent of typical fax machines. Please see the following Microsoft Knowledgebase article for detailed instructions:.

iFAX Solutions | HylaFSP Windows and Mac OS Client

The printet doesn’t actually matter, but naming it HFAX1: The exit status 9 error you see during the conversion process is due to a known bug in libtiff that can occur when trying to carry out this conversion. Administrative privileges are required to install HylaFSP. For more information and a possible workaround see below: After your installation is complete the HylaFSP control panel will open automatically.

Versions prior to 2. Make a copy of an existing cover page, open and edit it as above. You can use one of the built-in cover pages in MacOS.