The first one, a rectangular red ATI icon, brings up a menu of HydraVision’s most commonly used features. Here one can also set the properties for individual applications, shown on the screen below. Just looking to hear what it does from someone who might have it installed currently. Benik3 , Dec 5, Fox , Dec 5,

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Yes, my password is: As you can see, the packqge of the dual display is taken care of in Windows itself, making it easy to set resolutions and colors for each individual monitor.

HydraVision is a very solid multiple desktop solution and should not be ruled out by anyone looking for a dual monitor solution. Going further into the display properties page, one finds a list of attached devices as well packaeg the settings for each. This site uses cookies.

AMD HydraVision Package for Windows Vista/7/8 Driver – TechSpot

In addition, different refresh rates can be set to different monitors. For example, if you run an e-mail program in the background, you can have a new mail notification dialogue box sent to which ever screen packafe are currently using. Last edited by a moderator: No, create an account now.

There we will cover each multiple monitor solution currently on the market, investigate any shortcomings to each software package, detail what situations are ideal for a multiple monitor setup, and finally help you make your decision on which multiple monitor card is best suited for you. EspionageDec 5, Each desktop can be configured individually and can be renamed to gydravision liking. It may still have some interesting features if you switch between different screen setups, other than that I believe it’s mostly obsolete now.


It works, but not as seamlessly as I’d hoped: FoxDec 5, Log in Don’t have an account? Another feature unique to ATI is the integration of a maximize to both screens button.

Hydravision – Wikipedia

It allows you to launch the desktop manager configuration screen as well as easily manage windows. I never used it BTW. LowkiDec 5, Clicking on the desktop manager configuration text brings up the configuration screen. This provides an easy way to override the application position memory setting. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Look for that article to come very soon. Benik3Dec 5, The box in the upper right of the screen allows the user to set the properties of the added maximize button, allowing choosing of what happens when the button is clicked. Each individual application can be pacage to have different properties, a feature that proves very useful in application.

This icon provides access to numerous desktops by a click of the mouse of a punch of hotkeys. Here one can also set the properties for individual applications, shown on the screen below.



Each desktop may be configured to the user’s liking, and applications can be forced to be displayed on each desktop. It does seem to allow me to confine windows to a monitor, but it only seems to work if I actually click the maximize button if I double-click the titlebar or drag it packate the top of the desktop, it’ll cover all three monitors.

It can remember positions of windows on all monitors, you can set more desktops on one monitor or split the screen etc Log in or Sign up. For example, every time you run a program like Internet Explorer, you can have it automatically go to what ever screen you want.

The first upper left rectangle allows the user to select where on the extended desktop he or she would like dialogue boxes to be placed.

So, as you can see, the primary display in our tests was running at 60 Hz, while the secondary one was running at Hz.