Here at work I can’t use it at all, period. All of this would have been OK, but before week two was over, my phone quit making or receiving phone calls. Vista works fine with my Nokia has declared war in the US smartphone market, with a Microsoft-powered handset tailored to take on Apple iPhones and Google-backed Android devices. Microsoft unveiled a new mobile phone operating system Monday in a bid to claw back lost market share from the iPhone, Blackberry and devices powered by Google’s Android software. I was able to get the computer and phone to find each other, but couldn’t figure out how to sync that way. I saw buying this as being like getting the 10 y.

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Cingular 8525 (HTC Hermes) in the wild

Most importantly, the Shift has a lust factor. Device driver was not successfully installed. Is activesync loaded on your PC?

Users will get a kick out of the Advantage’s built-in accelerometer, which can be used to navigate on the device. The back battery cover is flimsy, so you might want to get a spare. I’ve just started a new job however, where the company uses Lotus Notes, which I’m unfamiliar with.

I liked the phone, although the internet connection wasn’t the service I had hoped for.


I have not used Lotus Notes for many years so I can’t say if you can sync it with activesync but Vsita would guess that you cannot. They fixed almost vistta they did wrong the first time Cingular HTC released a few more, but not all, of the specs for the Shift. It’s a long paragraph I have owned this product about 1 week now and love it. The supporting Bluetooth 2.

Archived from the original on This thing is loaded on top of all of its features its a great phone The bad: This is an excellent phone running very good and it is very easy to learn and use. A little buggy but does the job. Among the other product launches will be new smartphones for CDMA carriers with Verizon, Sprint, Alltel and Telus using a new Qualcomm chipset that “lets us get down to a price point never reached before,” Achilles said.

Microsoft unveils new mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 Update. Lots of useful featuresThe bad: We just purchased the HP Ipaq classic for my husband to use on work laptop with Lotus Notes being the default mail. If you are a blackberry user the learning curve will be steep.

It has many features and I am not really that great with new things esp.


User manual only for spanish readersWon’t make or receive phone calls after 2nd week. Additional Product Features Display Resolution.

Cingular 8525 — Drivers for Windows Vista (32-bit)?

Overall a five-star device and well worth the money. Expert Review User reviews.

Microsoft took the wraps off of its Windows Phone 7 line of smartphones Monday, beginning a push that the software giant hopes will maintain its vists in an increasingly mobile world. Beau Hamilton 1 month 6 hours ago. Okay, fine, but I couldn’t save everything because I couldn’t sync. Try to do a sync now, this should work now.

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Did I read somewhere that they used to be able to and now can’t? My XP laptop was able to sync with it when it had WM5 on it.

I am running Windows Vista bit, official product release [not a beta or release candidate version]. I’m not giving this 5 stars just because I haven’t tried out half of the features this amazing little phone offers. This review is the subjective opinion of the user and not of PhoneDog.