An important reason for this program is to ensure that a Storage daemon configuration file is defined so that Bacula will correctly read and write tapes. Thus data from a single write is always returned in a single read, and sequentially written records are returned by sequential reads. If at all possible set any fixed block size to something like 64, bytes or possibly 32, if 64, is too large for your drive. Depending on your tape drive, the test may recommend that you add certain records to your configuration. If you have a modern SCSI tape drive and you are having problems with the test command as noted above, it may be that some program has set one or more of your SCSI driver’s options to non-default values. Even in variable block mode, with the exception of the first record on the second or subsequent volume of a multi-volume backup, Bacula will write blocks of a fixed size. This directive is available in version 1.

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This the most common way that tape drives work and is well supported by Bacula. In general, see man mt for the options available on your sccsi. If your configuration file is elsewhere, please use the -c option to specify where. You might want to put those commands in a startup script to make sure your tape driver is properly sequemtial before running Bacula, because depending on your system configuration, these modes may be reset if a program other than Bacula uses the drive or when your system is rebooted.


To active, check, or disable the hardware compression feature on an EXB, use the exabyte MammothTool. In particular, you may want to look at the Tips for Resolving Problemsproblems1 section below.

Driver for HP Ultrium 7-SCSI SCSI Sequential Devic – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

If the test suddenly starts to print a long series of:. If a write length is greater ho the physical block size of the drive, the write will be written as two blocks each of the fixed physical size. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Again the backup works fine but I would just like to know if anyone else is getting this problem.

With option -C 0 or 1 you can disable or activate compression. This is done via crontab with the use of rmmod -a.

HP Ultrium-1 SCSI Sequential Tape Device Free Driver Download (Official)

If you must run with fixed size blocks, make sure they are not bytes. If the single tape option does ultruim succeed, you should correct the problem before using Bacula.

The backup still works fine so this is more of a annoying little problem rather than a fault. Some of the suggestions it provides for resolving the problems may or may not be useful. This is not a good situation. Thus data from a single write is always returned in a single read, and sequentially written records are returned by sequential reads. On FreeBSD, you can do a camcontrol devlist as root ph determine what drives and autochangers you have.

Hp Ultrium 1 Scsi Scsi Sequential Device Driver Download

Also, note that the Medium Type field of the output of tapeinfo reports Not Loadedwhich is not correct. This should not really be necessary though – for example, on both Linux and Solaris systems, the default tape driver options are compatible with Bacula. This is a User Mode device. Each read returns a kltrium record. All modern tape drives support variable tape blocks, but some older drives in ssequential the QIC drives as well as the ATAPI ide-scsi driver run only in fixed block mode.


Issued Channel A Bus Reset. Permissions can also cause drivers to not install properly.

So on such systems you need to modify ultrimu Bacula startup files to explicitly set: If you are attempting to read or write an archive file rather than a tape, the device-name should be the full path to the archive location including the filename. Thanks to Alan Brown for this tip. Beginning with Bacula version 1.

See below for more help of resolving fix versus variable block problems. However, if you have written tapes using fixed block sizes, this can be a bit of a pain.

This command can have the following arguments: In order for Bacula to run in fixed block mode, you must ultriium the following records in the Storage daemon’s Device resource definition:. I had to go to the products page, slect the tape drive, then select ‘support and maintenance’ to get to the right page. By using this site, you accept the Terms of Use and Rules of Participation.