If bb-laptop already belongs to the scanner group, check the properties of the scanner device by typing: I believe you meant: It seems that Vuescan knows how to solve this. A special driver is required for this card. I’ll post again if I get anywhere. What is supposed to be the size of this file? The particular C in question was retired after a year of trying.

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Does this mean most of my configuration files are good?

From here, I do not know what the problem might be. HP ScanJet C doesn’t work It doesn’t work in Hardy.

Interestingly, the if the following sequence if followed: Alpha5 is set to be released Thursday Sept 4. Data widths greater than 8 bits Custom gamma table does not work. In hardy, it makes that the file is fully skipped and then the scanner device is not properly set. Message 4 of 9. HP ScanJet C doesn’t work. I assume, since it’s using libusb, I don’t have to specify another device file for it to use.

[sane-devel] HP sane backend w/ HP Scanjet 6300C + ADF (USB) error

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. If the special device name contains “usb”, “uscanner” or “ugen”, it is assumed that the scanner is connected by USB.


Canon appear to be unwilling to release the necessary documentation to enable a Linux driver and SANE backend to be written. Kevin, unfortunately the amount of scanner hardware I have is rather limited but theoretically the sane backend could “confuse” your scanner enough that power-cycling it is needed. I also tried xsane and I get: Umax is providing some information about the scanner so there may be a chance to write a driver for this scanner.

Can’t set up scanner HP scanjet c (solved)

I sccanjet find that these scanners and also c, c, c, c, c, or c series can suffer from a firmware problem that effects the USB bus. In Red Hat BugzillaNils nils-redhat-bugs wrote on I found sacnjet http: You can select resolution in 1dpi step but supported resolutions are typically multiples of or dpi. I checked after plugging off and on that it was working for scan yes copy yes and email yes but I do not succeed with the fax menu.

See sane-scsi 5 and sane-usb 5 on details of what constitutes a valid device name.

However unlike most SnapScan derivative scanners this scanner does not eneed a firmware upload. Epson have been very helpful with the development of the backend, to the point of providing documentation that’s not yet released.


sane-hp (5) – Linux Man Pages

I will download the next test releases, but can only try it from the Live CDs. With correct resolution selected the scanner works.

Otherwise startup of frontends and changing parameters might be slower. Scanjet C is an old flatbed stand scsnjet scanner that uses sane “hp” backend which is supposed to be fully supported.

Ubuntu Manpage: sane-hp – SANE backend for HP ScanJet scanners

Is that the or kernel? The only problem now is that update-manager keeps continously annoying me trying to convince me to upgrade again! No SCSI scanners found. More information on this can be can be found at SourceForge here. This scanner is a LMx derivative. More information can be found at http: The appropriate SANE packages are installed.