Debugging a bot The controller comes with a debugger to help test strategies. This brings up the point that others can steal your land. If you haven’t already tried it, go to Splix. Red fills in between the two red lines. Best used with –test-bot. Exiting the board If a player attempts to exit the board, he will die and lose all points.

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Copyright Linux Foundation. Thank you for all of you who support this project and make it better and better. LSB is a trademark of the Linux Foundation.

SpliX forum at SourceForge voluntary. News Tuesday May, 15 By using our site, usw acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. To run all the submissions on this page, use java -jar SplixKoTH-all.

Writing a bot To start writing a bot, you must extend SplixPlayer.

HiddenPlayer getOwner Get who owns a point. Every time a player dies, the board is reexamined for an area that can be filled in.

If a player cannot fill in the area surrounded by his trail, the trail is converted directly to normal land. Works best when the other player repeatedly goes in the same general direction. SpliX forum at SourceForge voluntary Max.


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This version adds the support for newer printers, manual duplex, improve the quality of the color prints etc. This enables a faster result if your computer has multiple cores. Hiw color printers SpliX needs color profiles from the printer’s manufacturer, otherwise it will refuse to print. Please report your experience here.

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All bots make their moves at the same time. Set a breakpoint at the beginning of makeMove on your bot, and ensure that it only pauses the current thread.

If you have such a printer, you need to download and use SpliX. You can use Tuples. Hpw attach the debugger to your jar, follow these instructions for IntelliJ, or these instructions for Eclipse Eclipse version untested.

Each round has a randomly selected group of players max 5 unique players subject to change.

Below you will find a non-exhaustive list of currently supported printers. It is very similar to the original game, but small changes have been made to make this a better fit for KotH and for technical reasons.

Running bots

Your bot’s final score is determined by its average per-game score. This is RandomBotbut I had to stick to naming conventions, and some issues prevent me from using the hyphen in the name, so underscores reign!


Do not use any external atoms, since this code may be running multiple games in parallel. Please leave us a message if your printer works with SpliX and is not listed below or listed as untested. It has some logic to prevent it fomr running over itself, and when all other players are dead it goes back to its home. Running bots To run your bots with others, you need to run the jar on the releases page.

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But I saw it in the sandbox and it looked like a great challenge! With these you can get Spljx onto any Linux machine without needing to compile. Here is a list of flags:. This is perhaps the most simple bot. For all these reasons, Splix won’t support old SPL 1 printers. Thanks to the great job of Till Kamppeter, SpliX evolved during the last three years.