Is it possible to reshaft Ping irons on your own or do you have to send them back to Ping to do it? Dave 5 years ago. I’m curious your guys opinion on if I’d be any better investing a little more to get a more recent driver? Donald Mahoney 5 years ago. I have a Ping Pioneer bag, that thing is bullet proof. Ray 5 years ago. Dave Sanguinetti 5 years ago.

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I love ping everything they do just screams quality, unllike a lot of oems who just scream pay me. Terrific series of photos — resgaft a dedicated Ping staff.

Hit it at the range Tuesday. I wish they looked as clean as this one.

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Tips on how to post one. I too have had the honor of the day-long Ping facility tour many years ago. Really great to see a data driven company! Like some of you, I viewed the Made in China, assembled in the USA product model as inherently low precision, and low quality. The company has played a huge role in the growth of golf and I respect that they go about things their own way at their reshatt pace and never skimp on quality.


Did PING talk sound and feel during your tour and explain how they get their distinctive sound?

The attention to detail at ping is incredible…like you said it is not about making a new club to increase sales…it is g55 making a better club that helps the consumer play better, sales the right way…. I found it thought provoking and confirmed what i suspected that Ping is the brand for me Cheers from Australia down under.

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Some manufacturers stamp a serial no. Again, can be done. I will be passing this along to my fellow golfers and will be returning to read part 2. Is it really just bending the shaft? They are forgiving and I love them and need them. Roberta Upton 5 years ago.

AJ Johnson 5 years ago. Wayne 5 years ago. Basil Krishnan 5 years ago.

I like how you describe their engineering model as one of envision, test, repeat. Jack 5 years ago.

Ping G5 Reshaft – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

It is great to know a company is really interested in what a golf player needs to feel he is getting his money worth out eeshaft Ping equipment. Look forward to reading your article tomorrow. This article just reinforces the fact that no matter how much you spend in marketing as long as you can produce something that performs you can succeed. Sam 5 years ago.


Reshaft Ping irons? |

Bill 5 years ago. It’s due to rolling shutter effect and there’s no need to share it with us. Last fall I started researching various brands of golf clubs and found that the Ping G peaked my interest. Ping for piny this is one of the best posts in along time.

American made to my specific dimensions. For example, how does moving the center of gravity forward and low in a driver affect inertia and forgiveness? Several functions may not work. I had the original hoofer for 18 years, and it was still just as good as the day I bought it.