This error indicates that you are trying to use transactions with a MySQL table that does not support transactions. To build the driver libraries, you have to just execute make. You should select the Return matching rows option. The Entity Data Model dialog will be displayed. You must install the files onto a drive with an operating system and you may be limited in the choices available.

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False to generate change protection code. For more information about ODBC, refer to http: For more information on this issue, see the Business Objects Knowledgebase for more information. Certain ODBC applications including Delphi and Access may have trouble obtaining the auto-increment value using the previous examples.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51

This method should not be overridden. The following command assumes the folder is named myodbc3-src:.

For example, if your odbc. It installed and works fine as far as I can tell. If this file is not writable re,ove this group then the ODBC Administrator may fail, or may appear to have worked but not generated the correct entry.

If this happens, you can choose the framework version to be installed through the custom installation step.


Exception Type Condition ArgumentException. MySqlConnection properties return only those settings contained in the ConnectionString.

How to install the MySQL ODBC driver

This illustrates that the session state data is not destroyed when a page is reloaded. Now store this information in your profile by clicking Store Profile. The following code is used to pdbc a MySqlConnection object, assign the connection string, and open the connection.

Important new features include a new logging system and client SSL certificates. The Linked Table Manager lists the paths to all currently linked tables.

ODBC function calls from applications running before tracing is activated odbv not logged. This section contains basic information and examples for each of the above classes. For maximum portability, don’t use a length specification in the column declaration which is unsupported within MySQL in versions earlier than 4.

How to install the MySQL ODBC driver

This operation is not supported. Data into the GAC. Any open connections are not automatically closed when myeql exception is thrown. Name Default Description Connection Lifetime 0 When a connection is returned to the pool, its creation time is compared with the current time, and the connection is destroyed if that time span in seconds exceeds the value specified by Connection Lifetime. An application can use the GetDeleteCommand method for informational or troubleshooting purposes because it returns removve MySqlCommand object to be executed.


Assuming all is present and correct you can now create users and roles for your web application. If not, configure accordingly.

At some point, changes to data will need to be written back to the database. When the connection string is set, all of these properties are updated, except when an error is detected. The following example creates a MySqlCommand and displays its parameters. However, even with this option, some data may be incorrectly formatted, even though the source data remains unchanged.

Then, any additional commands that you do not set are generated by the MySqlCommandBuilder. Crystal Reports will now read the table definitions and automatically identify the links between the tables. You are then presented with a tree structure of the database.

In this case, none of the properties are updated. Start your application and try to get it to fail.