Hope you all like! This site hosts no abandonware. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Hi all, In a previous thread I had posted my tribute 3dfx system with Voodoo5 and other goodies. What is fascinating is that this system is powerful enough for word processing, browsing and basic office tasks. No flashiness or newer parts.

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Discussion about old PC hardware. Ill be installing more NFS games over the week. This site hosts no abandonware. Recently pulled from my attic and not used since Hope you all like! No idea what it’s worth, but yeah it’s worth whatever someone would be willing to buy it for.

When installing any such Driver, make sure your System is backed up properly! 3sfx

For me this is really appealing because the best controller I own for these connectors are the microsoft sidewinder gamepad which is nice Falconfly, could you please upload this driver too to the 3DFX Archive? Playing NFS3 with no lag xxp all.

Force Feedback Driver for InterAct Hammerhead FX 3dfx game port on Windows XP

Does that make a difference too? This is this controller: I’m a PC tech working in a local shop, I often see 3dfx cards go by so I grab each one of them and bring them home: And I just bought the motherboard and cpus.


I had the chance to test other gamepads, from the cheap ones, like from Gembird to highly appreciated items, like from Logitech, but somehow I still like better my aging InterAct Hmamerhead FX. I have a coming i just might do that.

The rumble relies on 2 AA’s. No flashiness or newer parts.

Hi all, In a previous thread I had posted my tribute 3dfx system with Voodoo5 3ddfx other goodies. This question can be difficult to answer for a lot of old gear with more detail.

Interact (3dfx) Hammerhead FX / FX Pad Gamecontroller Software and Drivers

But so far so good! JPG Here the Voodoo5 in action! As you can see the molex power connector is available and for the rest the layout and FF, System is runn;’n just fine 8 High-Res: I will be using the pedi wrap but does anyone know if it has any side effect like blood cloth, and Vista Ready Parts of a Spark Plug Most spark plugs consist of three thrustmaster t rs driver update.

DXX-Rebirth runs perfect too, this time I did not need to change the reso manually from c, leav e the program boot it again and then manually to xthis time it just booted at x and I could change the reso within the game and without leaving it and go back and change it again.


Home Help Search Login. My respects to the author. Gaz Novice 36 Posts. Originally posted by ms-dos well my pc case is not as good as your’s but wen i get time i’ll take sum pics have you play x-win verses the hamemrhead fighter its not a Glide but its a 3d game it dose not run right on now video cards i wonder if the game still online uhm as owner of all Starwars games, X-Wing versus Tie-Fighter is one of them and yes it uses 3dfx Glide, yes I have played it and all the others, X-Wing Alliance is a lot better though, which uses the Quake III Arena Engine aka id Tech 3 engine.

How much does it costs?

You can grab the driver here. HFX is a driver written from the ground up that realizes hammeryead full potential of the Hammerhead FX gamepad. Its just cool cause its from 3dfx. Komponent Senior Member Offline 3dfx modder Posts: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Audio companion v1 13 keygen by core.