Phones, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, games and more. The most we ever got was about eight hours, with the default backlight settings which leave the screen off most of the time. We aren’t suggesting that you read a book on it, but it will get you out of a bind if you really do need to read that document. Our one piece of advice though, is to throw away the rubber casing as soon as you open the box as it makes the player unusable with it on. I use my H10 nearly every day for both business and pleasure.

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iRiver H Hands-on review

The firmware for the U. Best tech of This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Since the Photos folder didn’t exist, we had to create it and drop our photos in. I love this recording feature, it’s the main reason I hh10 the player to be honest.

iriver H10 series – Wikipedia

It turns out that you can dump the image files JPG only anywhere in the file structure of the player and view them using the Browser, but if you want to take advantage of the uriver slideshow-type navigation features which aren’t that great, anyway you have to put the files into a specific spot.

Trending Price New. In conclusion, if you have lots of money, by the iPod. We didn’t use the Windows Media 10 interface nearly as often, but when we did it, too, seemed prone to hanging during transfers particularly of large numbers of music files.


USB cable is proprietary and tied in to the AC irivwr — you’ll have to cart around both to charge the player. It’s especially maddening when you just want to select one item up or down from your current selection position — it’s all too easy to overshoot and re-overshoot again on the way back.

iRiver H10 Silver ( 20 GB ) Digital Media Player

Now we come to iruver point in our tale where the deal-breakers come out. For showing shots to the fam, it definitely beats carting around a sack full of photos. So the first thing we noticed about this player when we opened it up was, unfortunately, a huge orange flyer that said “STOP!

For one thing, the firmware of the player was somewhat buggy.

No way to hook up to an external TV or monitor to display photos. If you want to preserve any of the original order, you have to manually manage this by changing the track names in whatever software you’re using to manage the music on the device. The front boasts a 1. Easily usable as a portable flash drive, with no need to igiver install drivers.

Verdict Overall this player is easy to use and performs well producing a good sound that coped well with everything we played Crystal Method to Bob Dylan in our tests. This does have its drawbacks, mainly that large files take longer to view, but on the whole it works very well.


iRiver H10: Hands-on review

The integrated text viewer of the iRiver H10 player lets you read the paperless novels, essays, stories etc. Our belief is that people will use this to store emergency contact details or passwords which is a really bad idea as you are restricted to just.

Read on for a full review. You can manage the photos via Windows Media 10, but we just wanted the simplicity of drag and drop, so we went looking for how to do this in the file system. All the menus were dead easy to find and walk through. Those of you who read our Napster to Go review know that we lriver a bit of trouble initially setting up the iRiver to work with the NtG software.

I dont have enough money to dish out a iPod 4th gen or anything so I bought this iPod for bucks thinking “atleast it plays music”. Most relevant reviews See all 54 reviews. Size is just right. Its got a ton of features some that I first ruled out but then found quite handy ie: Accessories are supremely lame. Best power banks irivee The various equalizers and personal equalizer settings you can establish with this player amaze me.

I cannot speak highly enough of this sound!