Maybe that is why I cant get Terminator 2 Arcade mame version to work well, the whole background is pitch black. You have to crank up the brightness at hyper ridiculous levels for most of games start to work actually I had to increase by software because my JVC broadcast monitor knob at max wasn’t enough The only game I tested that would work at regular brightness level was Gunblade NY. Other problematic, I should take care with 2 players: There are tons of wii shooting titles that are fun If you take a picture with a digital camera of a TV remote while holding down a button, you will also see the IR led on the front lit up. Views Read Edit View history.

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Guncon 2 – Dead Horse or Still Alive?

I’m the one who knows! Yep, and for those calling for Sega, Namco and others to start putting out more light gun games need to gjncon their position.

The main problem is for some reason the driver needs lots of brightness to pickup the gun. It’s just the CCD panels in digital cameras that are sensitive gunncon infrared light.

The software just transcribes the gun’s coordinates to desktop coordinates, nothing more This generally happened when you targeted darker area.

Guncon 2 + HDTV = possible? | NeoGAF

Advanced search Text to find Subject [? Fortunately none of the games I want are very demanding so I don’t mind hashing things out with XP for a bit. Kinda gkncon to see the genre die off, definitely one of the main reasons I keep a CRT in my house. Jun 7, 1, 0 0 USA images.


The only side effect i can imagine would be that the further the LED bar is from the monitor, the furhter you would have to stand away. I re-checked again, but no loosing tracking even after long play Under Windows or under mame Concerning the yuncon of the screen and poor tracking.

The LCD Topgun will work with anything, doesnt matter on the type of monitor used – it will even owrk on an image projected against a wall. Any new info out there that anyone could point me to would be greatly appreciated.

Let us know how well it works out. Sign In Sign Up. Maybe they improved it, but I still wouldn’t use an official gun. Sp are tons of wii shooting titles that are fun I don’t have the gun controller for any of the games with the exception of Time Crisis 4 and Razing Storm, and I’m hoping Time Crisis 5 gets ported to consoles because it tuncon even better than the previous ones.

Guncon 2 + HDTV = possible?

You have to tap into the S-video sync for it to work, I had it running for a while on XP. Wasn’t there some other insanely expensive method for replicating the accuracy of lightguns on LCD TVs? Oh and the only driver that works with mame Hi, I read your comments and take care of them, thx you know, this little piece of software was initially designed for my eyes only I’m really rusty in programming 70’s C knowledge and there are many things that are new to me drivers, windows programming, system programming Leave empty for any.


When i say 15khz I’m referring to the horizontal scan rate. Many games that support it allow the A and B buttons to be swapped, making it comfortable for both right and left-handed players. I find that raising black to grey makes it a lot more reliable. Works on windows 10 64x res x, tracks perfect after calibration during calibration doesn’t track correctly the right edge, but after pushing start everithing is perfectI’ve doesn’t lost the track yet, it seems your last fix works fine. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page.

Still, it took a simple chaining mechanic and added enough subtleties to it that it’s the only light gun game I know of with an interesting scoring system. Yes – its got a real laser pointer. Hello Jeppo, Thx for feedback I know it’s not a perfect piece of software It’s call Star Wars Blaster Strike. I’m gunco a big fan of light gun games, in fact the only reason I still have a CRT in my gaming set up is so I can still use my G-Con 2.

Gangster Town was dope too. I’ll have to see if they are or not.