Over all I have to say I am extremely impressed. A little bit heavy. Fantastic product with great service for the price. The gimbal is well made and solid. Log in or Register.

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Seems stable when I tilt it in every direction.

3 axis gimbal –

The price keeps going down, I paid much more a year ago Also the top and bottom come apart real fast cuz of the rubber balls. Nice software to configure and control. Wasn’t able to get firmware update installed so I have to use older assist software matching to my gimbals firmware.

My phantom remote had to be updated in order to get pitch control to work. The picture of the Storm32 BGC controller board is of a v1.

Worked after regluing the imu to the gimbal which came off soon after opening the box. Any one solution website for general, non-expert users like me? I would like to see this goodkuckbuy more mounts for better way’s to mount to other MultiRotor’s as well as a programming cable and some software for upgrades. Is there a firmware update?


DJI Phantom Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount w/ Motor & Controller for Gopro3 FPV Aerial Photography

The gimbal is truly unbelievable for the price. I have crashed this thing hard a couple of times now but still work nicely.

I’m using a Veho Muvi K2 and it works a treat! Maybe the best brushless gimbal in this price range. Really Easy to use and install.

Log in or Register. General knows how to use it – Ownership: Time-proven firmware by AlexMos. Follow us on Twitter Recover password Site map Become our affiliate. I had to use 2. Cheap and quality gimbal. Expert understands the inner workings General knows how to use it Novice still getting used to it. Expert understands the inner workings – Ownership: Maybe packaging – Thin hard cardboard luckily made it OK to me – others have had issues.

Cons, goodluckbuu is on the heavy side but not to the point it make it manageable. I have to say that I was completely surprised by Goodluckbuy’s customer service.


3-Axis Brushless Gimbal Camera Mount with 32bit Storm32 Controller for Gopro 3 4 FPV Black

Some firmwares i can upload others not. Remember to alter the gain settings of your Phantom as the added weight at the front will cause it to lurch forward on take-off. Just be aware of this before purchase.

Check to see that the imu is fastened goodluckbhy the gimbal and that the imu socket is soldered to the pcb my gimbal is now useless unless I get another pcb or pay someone to try to repair it. Accelerometer is hot glued to camera mount. Works well with SJ type GoPro clones. Value for the money. The server leads are too short to reach the Naza. At this price consider very good gimbal.