I need a widows 98 format disc or instructions on how to format my laptop so I can install xp. Dia — General diagramming software for many types; some symbol libraries available. AbiWord — For the occassional pesky doc file. How to Use VirtualBox: It does though work well for the purpose it was intended for, it did for me and has for many other people. General-purpose 3D modelling program for architectural design.

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Supports highlighting for all popular languages. They show some pretty basic din98 that we all take for granted today Why are we discussing a world body in a tech site? Arsen 3 years ago. A nice starter CAD. Create, mount and burn iso files. Works on Windows 98 and above.

Here is another ASPI manager checker. I will try to uninstall and reinstall.

Windows 98

Command line option supports. KyPlot — Free 2. One schematic sheet, 4 x 3. RegShot — Snapshots registry. Bob S 3 years ago. It supports correspondent U. Matt 3 years ago. The iso program that I use is really easy to use because all you have to do is point and click. Niks 3 sin98 ago. Powerful freeware igzmo processors.


Tek Illustrator — Drafting. I found a unique application that has an excellent Virtual Drive for up to 10 drives and a great application taskbar among other features.

You will need to select the Free License during the install process, and there is also a feature pre installed by default which is an online service called Mountspace.

10 Free Software to Mount ISO Image Files as Virtual Drives • – Page 2

Akulove 3 years ago. A typical use is to create EPS files from scanned data.

Can create compact Web multipage slide-shows in SVG. Scroll down for the next article. Project Dogwaffle — Free, unlimited old version 1.

GuiRujo 7 months ago. Makes an html report with bad and good links cross referenced. Sure there are solid state flash media standards that can store the same amount gizmi data, but not every PC has a SmartMedia, Memory Gizml, or Compact Flash port, and as these media were originally intended for digital cameras and like devices, they aren’t always the most robust. Free version is PGMconvert. With the “long tail” of Windows 98 begun, and Win98SE support getting ever thinner, here is my year list of mostly free-to-use software to keep that old machine going a little bit longer.


A quick test with Sandra I found one with a print-to-file check-box so a Postscript print file can be generated.

After restart and after insertion of the USB flash drive it successfully installed itself. Michael 5 years ago. Well that is how you are about Linux.