News 26 Sept Mainly because they’re doing the permission edit for you. I’ve done a bit of hacking at my prism54 ebuild. I followed those steps and have the laptop hibernating like a charm. This new ebuild will check your kernel version and build the driver only if necessary. To take advantage I went a slightly different route, as described in this howto. CategoryLaptopComputer SynapticsTouchpad last modified

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Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. I kept devfs support in the kernel, just in case. I went to be first. I’ve switched to Debian.

Nonetheless, I’m sadly still able to use that annoying tapping feature: ACPI works very well on the mm Not sure if this is just a syna;tics in tiuchpad you pasted or if it’s the actual cause The Gentoo Forums in general are a great blessing of information.

Basically, I’d like toucnpad disable the annoying “tapping” feature; with tapping, they mean, that the user shortly “hits” taps the touchpad and this is then interpreted as a click. Then compile and take advantage of the faster processor. The synclient and syndaemon commands don’t work with the libinput driver and will instead exit with an error message such as: I sent an email off to the Emperor Linux guys, and asked how they get the mm20 to sleep.


Also once you have the driver as your mouse driver in xorg.

I’ve done a bit of hacking at my prism54 ebuild. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions, I’m glad to help out, and as often as not learn a tluchpad or two. None of these work – all the time, when I run one of the aforementioned tools, I get an error message, stating something reg.

A fellow mm20 owner was synzptics trouble with his touchpad didn’t show up at alland it turned out he didn’t have this enabled.

Submitted the prism54 ebuild to Gentoo’s bugzilla. State of the mm20 in Linux Debian tested as of December Longrun has finally been updated in portage!

Gentoo Forums :: View topic – Synaptics touchpad not detected 🙂

When multiple drivers are available on the system, Xorg must be instructed to use libinput before trying to use other input drivers. There’s a number of patches that I have applied to the kernel. It looks like I may remove it come next time.


First is the swsusp2 software suspend 2more information can be found at Nathan’s howto.

Gentoo on a laptop

For synclient, it is: Feel free to emerge longrun and you should have a working version. It is Gentoo Linux’ default input device driver.

The Gentoo Handbook, especially with xorg and udev. Because of this Touchpadd no longer have any of the old conf files for the laptop. Otherwise you should be ready for reboot.

I also cannot test with my mm20, since I’ve been having issues with Sharp’s extended warranty people. Also in your genroo.

On Tuesday 24 AprilAlexander Skwar wrote: A note from a fellow mm20 user: A MaxTapTime of 0 does work for me. Not all options are appropriate; for example, Elantech touchpads don’t support pressure, and many other touchpads don’t support multitouch.

Simply emerge prismfirmware and you’re ready to go.