I have this piece of hardware that is dead weight and I’m getting already upset about it. Fri Nov 23, 9: Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Fri Jul 09, I’ve been using the same NIC according to the lspci output for about 5 years with the in-kernel driver and have no firmware errors in the journal. I just missed r in the kernel options, thank you for pointing this out.

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ETHOS (ubuntu based) ethernet adapter driver install problems RTL RTL

I had no Ethernet interface anymore when rebooting, and with lspci I figured out no driver was loaded for the following device: Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc.

Search everywhere rlt8111 in this topic. I found only a Realtek gigabit ethernet support, selected it to be compiled into the kernel, and it seems to work correctly r driver. Thu Dec 21, 7: All times are GMT. Tony, thanks for the very important link.

Brand new instalation – Network problem

Thanks a ton Bunder, card reader works now. Fri Jul 09, 6: Sun Nov 25, Thu Dec 21, 1: Having a problem logging in?


Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text. This will show you the entry. Yes, I know that, but it is an extra step that can fail, and completely unnecessary if your card is supported by the in-kernel drivers.

Now, when the module loads it will find its firmware, if it needs any. Why is top-posting rtl8111 a bad thing? Everything is working fine with enp2s0.

First check if your driver is compiled in your kernel Code: When I used ifconfig, I got something like “ipv6 over ipv4”, but I will only need ipv4. Free forum by Nabble.

gentoo-user – Brand new instalation – Network problem

This is what emerge module-rebuild is for, make it part of kernel upgrade routine, you need to run it anyway if you are using nvidia, virtualbox, etc. Kernel driver in use: If you need to reset your password, click here. Failed to load DMC firmware [https: All times are GMT rtl88111 I’ve been using the same NIC according to the lspci output for about 5 years rgl8111 the in-kernel driver and have no firmware errors in the journal.


Since sit0 isn’t a real adapter, it isn’t actually your network card, so it isn’t connected to anything. Wed Dec 20, 9: Copyright c Intel Corporation. This will hopefully help us determine if the correct driver is loaded.

genntoo If they could get it to work surely there would be a way to do it on Gentoo? View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours.

The only time it’s worth using the r package is if your NIC is a new model not yet supported by the kernel driver, which may well have been the case when you got your Rev 15 chip mine is Rev Using out of tree drivers is messy, especially for a NIC, and to be avoided wherever possible.