Press the Select pushbutton to configure the DCF1 option. This device will alleviate that situation. Pressing the Clear pushbutton will exit the current option menu option, so that selection of another option may be made. They are distinctly different and serve separate functions. Turn the knurled knob on the ribbon cartridge to allow the drive shaft to enter the cartridge. Place the paper on the pins of the upper right tractor, making sure that the paper is straight horizontally, and close the tractor door. As necessary, a graphic representing the LCD is shown to the left of text for clarity.

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Setting the gap too tight will cause smudging on the paper and can obstruct the movement of the shuttle mechanism causing it to jam.

Genicom Line Matrix 5100 – printer – monochrome – line-matrix Series

If this option is enabled, Gdnicom V must also be enabled. Bottom Margin will be displayed in upper left corner of LCD. The upper paper rack has two metal hooks, which hang over the edge of the opening to hold the rack in place.

Then lower the right side of the cartridge onto the ribbon motor drive shaft. Use the following procedures to access the new ribbon option: Jl 1 Use the following procedure to change the vertical expansion: Replenish the paper supply in the printer.


Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the Quiet Mode options.

Genicom Line Matrix – printer – monochrome – line-matrix Overview – CNET

Use the following procedures to install the paper handling system: Vert Expansion will now be displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD. Correct the condition causing the fault and press the Clear pushbutton to restore printer operation.

See “Setting TOF” for additional information. The offset 1 inch was stored in a format description and paper was loaded with the perforation at the alignment pointers. Parts, Accessories, Consumables, Options This appendix contains a list of available parts, accessories, consumables and options available for the printer.

Geicom the Select pushbutton to confirm this format name. If no previously saved format name exists, the default format names are Default through Blank Format It is used to fine-tune the top of form setting. The following describes each of the selections available.

For more information, see the Series Programmer’s Manual.

Press the T down arrow to access the Maintenance menu options. If a left margin is desired, it can beset electronically through either the control panel pushbuttons or a command sent by seriess host. Press the T down menu browse pushbutton to access the reset to defaults options. For example, the default setting is set to Press the Select pushbutton to configure sries HEX 1 options. Print Options will now be displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD. Turn the horizontal paper adjustment knob to align the paper as needed.


Need to re-install a TallyGenicom driver?

Auctioneer has chosen not to publish the price of this lot. The FF End Buff option is used to select the action taken if a form feed is received by the printer and it is the last character in the IBM print buffer. Pinter Tab is displayed in the upper left corner of the LCD.

Full text of “Genicom Series Quick Reference Guide”

The higher the number the larger the print gap. Menu selections are in hex. For a more accurate method of setting the print gap, see the section, “Print Gap Adjustment,” in the Series User’s Manual. General Printer Options Definitions Considerations for Operation This appendix contains specifications on the printer. The ribbon fabric in the cartridge is placed between the drive gears of the deck as the cartridge is lowered onto the deck.