There are still some of us using old bt capture cards. But you said it doesn’t work in any case in Win9x, so why do you think it will in ME? I didn’t get lines when I turned it off.. You should now see a second drop down box “Video Source” that shows different camera inputs to choose from. Didn’t find a solution yet – and I’m definatly too lazy too install both win and win98 driver development kits I tried the win98 DDK but that didn’t help it so I’m a little lost to try out if those missing compiles produce this result. All times are GMT Verify that you can see all four camera inputs, one at a time, using this utility.

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So in short I think it might be a driver problem with the BTwincap driver.

TV Cards and Capture Devices Supported

How to apply color correction using the Gradie Make sure there is no other DVR software running when you do that. Here are some of the software programs more geared towards surveillance, I have tested all of these with an Argus Card Bt Please follow the following steps to properly install and configure your capture card: This just happened a few days ago!

In this case, I have a 4 channel card, hence the 4 video and 4 audio drivers: I had similar problem but not exactly same. Can’t you tune your card with the driver? Here is my question, what then is the difference between the “cheap” cards and the expensive ones? The time now is And if you try high like x or x or x it give lot shattering frames. You have to be on the CVS because of such major changes daily.


BT x troubles – VideoHelp Forum

Before I forget to mention, this just wrks for win2k – I can’t find the registry settings in win9x. I’ll probably get involved again, if conexant releases the sdk for the CX chipset. The person I am talking about here is known on this website as Trevlac. On win98, I didn’t really succeed with them, but on win2k it’s a pleasure to use them.

Well, I can only say these drivers work way better than the manufacturer’s drivers on genfric system.

It’s not an IRQ conflict. BrookTree BThow to tune tv? The video is fine in DScalerthen develops the same symptoms when I add a lot of disk activity file transfers.

Hey, I’m having another problems with the btwincap: All times are GMT Getting back to the question at hand. But I’m on win2k, maybe that makes a difference ; Best regards, Koepi.

How did the direct capture to divx5 go? I havent tried them yet, afraid it may mess up what works. DScaler kills the whole machine in combination with btwincap drivers. The good news is I will contact the person who had input on that website and I will either post the website here once he gives it to me or perhaps he will post himself with that info.


Another odd thing, seeing as the audio is bhwincap implemented on this card I decided to try and disable the item in Device Manager, as it was of no use every time I tried that it BSOD. It results in this link reading through the archive a little – like all users here should usually do for example ;: If anyone reading this thread is serious of maintaining and patching btwincap, please let me know if you have some time and the inclination to work on this project.

Might take some though. Didn’t find a solution yet – and I’m definatly too lazy too install both win and win98 driver development kits I tried the win98 DDK but that didn’t help it so I’m a little lost to try out btwinap those missing compiles produce this result.

Well, I tested it and rewrote the registry access many times on win98 and couldn’t get it to work.