Close on from the Prolink and not far behind from the Sparkle are both good scores considering the hardware and test platform. Comparison of Nvidia graphics processing units. Retrieved June 14, Views Read Edit View history. The GPU was also used as an integrated graphics processor in the nForce chipset line and as a mobile graphics chip for notebooks called GeForce 2 Go.

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The real thing to notice here is that in the first 2 resolutions, the average framerates are very high and very playable, even with all the rendering options turned up to their fullest. While running UT benches, the benchmark plays at game speed, not speeded tii to run as fast as possible as you see in Quake3. Aquamark is a new benchmark here at Hexus and relies heavily on DX8 class hardware, especially in the pixel shader to extract the best performance.

Computer-related introductions in GeForce Series Video cards. It’s getting on a bit now, but the rendering engine is still top notch and still knows how to stress some cards.

GeForce2 Ti

What was the best tech product of ? The GeForce 2 family comprised tti number of models: Less than half the score of a DX8-class card is to be expected. Both cards seem to be ripe for modifying with better cooling solutions. The Prolink, due to it’s slightly higher memory clock takes the lead here.


Not quite factory supported and it will void your warranty but it wouldn’t hard to do and the Sparkle should respond well. Gefirce2 GPU was also used as an integrated graphics processor in the nForce chipset line and as a mobile graphics chip for notebooks called GeForce 2 Go.

EVGA NVIDIA GeForce2 Ti (064-A4-NV39-S1) 64MB DDR SDRAM AGP 4x/8x Graphics adapter

Another hardware enhancement is an upgraded video processing pipeline, called HDVP high definition video processor. As a side note, the Sparkle was able to go a fair bit higher than the Prolink ultimately at the expense of gefore2 errors.

Retrieved June 14, Some say [ who? It’s still a fast card as many a gamer will testify to. GeForce 2 4 MX. Retrieved April 22, Any rendering error was noted and the card backed down until the maximum stable clock was found. Excellent little cards and hopefully we can see more of them at Hexus and in the UK in the future.

This functionality is also present in GeForce but was unpublicized. These cards were are DX7 cards in essence and it’s no surprise they both well here. The increases were modest and slightly disappointing. The Mhz memory clock seems a little low.

Those with a working grforce2 will remember the old GeForce2 lineup of recent days. So where does the GeForce2 Ti sit where the old GeForce2’s were concerned and does it have anything new over the old cards?

The cost is so cheap that you’d be silly not to pick up a GeForce2 Ti if you geforcf2 desperate for a card but tj to hedge your bets on the current pinnacle of consumer graphics or simply needed to save a few hard of your hard earned dollars or pounds. Framerates in Unreal Tournament are gefforce2 a lot by CPU speed rather than the graphics clocks due to the amount of time the UT engine spends doing actor calculations and lighting and it’s all done on CPU. Architecturally identical to the GTS, the Ultra simply has higher core and memory clock rates.


Third in our list is Aquamark. Being able to run Nature is a real boon for your 3DMark scores if you are a tweaker so the cards drop behind here, but near from the stock bench is very respectable. Here’s the test system and the software we’ll be using.

PassMark – GeForce2 Ti – Price performance comparison

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Features and Bundles Both cards featured TV-Out ports and both looked fine on my television with a max resolution of x on both cards. The GeForce 2 architecture is similar to the previous GeForce line but with various improvements. Click to find out more.