I am still writing code in VB6 and just last year I completed a cam milling application with a full HMI and a data trender running simultaneously. That implies to me that it should not be especially hard to find the protocol. Bob Krause Krause Engineering, Inc. Username Password Remember me on this computer. Please log in and try again.

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We currently have over 15 of these PLCs and are now purchasing 5 more. Please log in and try again. I’m interesting in writing a SRT driver too, so any information would be precious. The amazing part is the trender gathers 16 floating point real numbers ever 15 milliseconds while cutting a cam with no noticeable affect on the HMI. By Mark on 20 March, – By Mark on 2 February, – 9: I think, you will have to sign an NDA and the likes.

GE SRTP Protocol Converted by ACM for Measurement Data | AUTOSOL

I don’t want to pay. Sometimes it’s good to have a driver you know something about. You must be a Control.


To exclude a word, precede it with a “-“, as follows: For this protocol I can think of 4 right of the top of my head:. I want to develop my own driver only to read registers.

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By Arthur Mayclin on 3 February, – Now days I simply go with OPC! By Paris Rossano on 2 February, – 5: Depending on your situation I would not spend my time writing a driver if an off the shelf solution was available.

Sdtp double quotes around phrases, as follows: Remember me on this computer. It is a common design – a fixed header before the variable-sized “message”. I am very surprised that we can’t find the a free driver, like Modbus TCP. By pierre on 12 March, – Note that common words and, that, etc.

We created a driver for SRTP and it was not very hard.

Its packet size is around 1K. It is incredible, if you can help me, I would be very happy.

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Of course they knew I would roll my own with real diagnostics that would show who missed a slot or dropped a packet. If you are still looking to do it by hand I think you will have to call GE and see if they will give you the data eg others have said here. Your subscription request is being processed.


Have you tired theirs, it seems fast and we have never had an issue with ours srp we have 7 copies on different machines. By pierre on 21 March, – 9: Or one that doesn’t restrict your choices or bind you to OPC only. I do not believe GE considers that public knowledge. The DCS vendor was able to get all the pertinent information from GE to make this happen, so it was available