I have run the Intel Tollbox as told by the manual, latest firmware is on. I have installed the latest chipset drivers which sped up my boot time in AHCI, these: And then just to save time, also copy the folder’s contents to the floppy without being in a folder, incase it needs it one way or the other. It won’t solve the problem but it will make you feel better. That means I have to start all over, erasing everything, reinstalling windows, windows updates, etc.

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But I had doubts that I selected the correct option when selecting the driver.

Merlin on October 24, October 24, Ga-na770-ud3, I’m not disputing what you have heard with regard to just running the Windows Repair option I have to say that it is not something that I do and for the time it takes to reformat and start again it can save a lot of headaches.

Is that how it should be? We receive ahcl notifications and will take immediate action! November 01, The time now is Btw, what do u think about this Power Management settings, r they ok?

At first seemed everything ok. These are the settings I chose for install: Good luck with your install!


GA-MAUD3 rev – Am I in the correct SATA port for my SSD?

October 22, Or do I download it to my desktop and it will then extract to a floppy? But it does show priority to the samsung as the first hard disk when in one of the BIOS screens, so maybe it’s ok? I have run the Intel Tollbox as aci by the manual, latest firmware is on.

You will need to extract the files from the exe before adding them on the floppy. Here is my bios settings.

GA-MA770-UD3 rev 2.0 – Am I in the correct SATA port for my SSD?

Hi there, whenever I install an OS I make sure there is only the one drive attached to the system as Windows does seem to like to spread itself out onto other drives and cause these kind of issues.

Home Help Login Register. November 03, Do I download the. I’m here to help!!

Which Driver for AHCI on MAUD3

You once again have been a great help to me. Or he can buy a better dvd drive? So Ga-ma770-du3 really just wondering if I’ve done all I should and am getting the best results my motherboard can give me.


In the Samsung manual it suggests having the SSD in the lowest numbered port.

I’m assuming that would give the best performance. If it does then your up and running and you shci need to worry.

The SSD doesn’t work in my physically labelled 0 to 3 ports it says disk failure in thoseand only works in ports 4 and 5. For IDE mode no driver should be needed, make sure that you are able to see the hdd being scanned during post.

Remember, when all else fails a cup of tea and a good swear will often help! AMD South Bridge: I get 28 seconds from reboot to desktop, so I’m assuming all is connected as should be? Results 1 to 4 of 4.

November 02, Hi there, my first thought would be to check that you have the latest firmware on your SSD as even new ones can ship with older version and this is often a cause of disk errors.