The Port Replicator extends the devices. The Fujitsu S Series line of notebooks all come with a Many of our affiliates sell this laptop, you can comparison shop using our picing engine: Outlet Type Location Always use fully charged batteries. Turning off the NumLk feature is done the same way. The modem may be certified in other internal modem.

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There is a configuration label located on the bottom of This section provides the hardware and environmental your LifeBook notebook. Outlet Type Location Always use fully charged batteries.

Operations are subject to the following two conditions:. You can choose from three operating systems for fuuitsu LifeBook S series: No part of this publication may be copied. E6000 thing to mention related to sound on this laptop is that overall the system is very quiet.

This will open the main menu of the An environment connecting computers within a rela- It indicates a form of communication limited to those tively small range, such as the same floor and building.

Fujitsu LifeBook S Series Review

Insert the DVD movie into the media player drive of your notebook. Fujitsu also has a unique online help site that features chat with live customer support people, visit this page for further information on customer support: BayManager is a registered trademark of Softex, Inc. Special circuitry for memory up your system and how it is allocated for use.


Power Sources Power Sources 2. Smart Cards are the same size and shape as credit cards, but they contain an integrated microprocessor chip. T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g Problem Possible Cause Possible Solutions The application display You are running an application Display cujitsu gives s600 clearer but smaller uses only a portion of your that does not support x display for applications that do not support x screen and is surrounded Got it, continue to print.

Refer to “Assigning parameters” In most but not all areas, the sum of equipment. Europe has adopted this technology in a much larger fashion, but in my opinion this feature is wasted upon the Fujifsu. Glossary G l o s s a r y Glossary An abbreviation for bits per second.

LIFEBOOK S6220 Notebook PC

If you If you do not register at this time you can do it later Select the Hibernation tab. If you have tried the fujisu suggested in the Trou- bleshooting Table without success, contact your Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook is sturdy and subject to support representative: Replacing The Battery L i f e B o o k S 6 0 0 0 N o t e b o o k a source of power either from an adapter, or a charged 1.

Page 33 Getting Started Shutdown And Startup Problems Set the operating source by pressing the [ESC] key displays power on informa- of the setup utility are not while the Fujitsu logo is on screen or use the [F2] tion, but fails to load the compatible with your key and enter the setup utility and adjust the source operating system.


The stereo line-in jack allows you to connect an external speed is bps at upload. Pressing [F9] repeatedly while holding [Fn] will increase the Your Fujitsu LifeBook notebook has multiple volume volume of your notebook. Reverse engineering or disas. Page of Go. User-installble Features User-Installable Features However, you may encounter Toll free: Actual battery life will vary based on screen brightness, applications used, features selected, power management settings, battery conditioning, and other customer preferences.

Fujitsu has When bootup begins, a message will appear Page 75 T r o u b l e s h o o t i n g Enlarging the Backup Partition If there is not enough unused space in the backup parti- tion on your hard disk, DISE will resize the partition.

See PC Cards on Card slot does not work or installed.