We developed an analytical coupled anisotropic ice flow and crystal fabric evolution model. A range of educational and outreach activities are associate with the project, including provision of workshops for high school teachers will be carried out. These estimates were applied to thin-section data collected at the WAIS Divide ice-core, showing that uncertainty of fabric eigenvalues derived from ice cores can be larger than usually assumed. However, sonic-velocity measurements are often subject to large amounts of low spatial-frequency error. Additionally, regions of the Southern Ocean are warming faster than any other locations on the planet. Understanding how these single cells assemble complex structures may contribute to nanotechnology by enabling people to use forams as “cellular machines” to aid in the construction of nano-devices.

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Outreach will be accomplished through regularly scheduled community and K outreach events, talks and popular writing by the PIs, as well as through University press offices. While this is initially counter-intuitive, the wrb falls out of simple heat balance equations and the observation that the thickness of cumulates at the roofs of such intrusions is negatively proportional to the size of the intrusion.

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The proposed deployment would allow the PIs to collect seismic data without the expense, logistical complexity, and iceberg hazards associated with ocean botto m seismograph deployments. Realistic ice-sheet models are needed not only for predicting the response to future possible environments, but also for investigating past behaviors of ice sheets.

Despite intense scrutiny of marine based systems in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, little is known about the Totten Glacier system. Fred range of educational and outreach activities are associate with the project, including provision of workshops for high school teachers will be carried out.

This interdisciplinary research relies on biological studies of swimming behavior of the pteropod mollusk Limacina helicina in their natural environments with fluid mechanics analyses of uaap hydrodynamics via 3D tomographic particle-image velocimetry and computational fluid dynamics CFD. Our outreach activities will leverage Dartmouth’s current NSF GK program, build on faculty-educator relationships ww-3035 during University of Maine’s recent GK program, and incorporate project results into University of Maine’s IDEAS initiative, which integrates computational modeling with the existing science curriculum at the middle school level.


The post-doc is involved with teaching an in-service K teacher fere and training course at Rice University for high-need teachers with a focus on curriculum enhancement. This award supports a project to conduct a suite of experiments to study spatial and temporal variations of basal conditions beneath Beardmore Glacier, an East Antarctic outlet glacier that discharges into the Ross Sea Embayment.

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All participants will benefit from the international collaboration, which will expose them to different field and laboratory techniques and benefit future collaborative work.

These measurements will be a key data set needed for better understanding and predicting time-varying conditions in the upper part of the ice sheet. The key question to be addressed in this project is how climate impacts the timing of periodic biological events phenology and how interannual variation in this periodic forcing influences the abundance of penguins in the Antarctic. Uszp award supports an integrated field observation, remote sensing and numerical modeling study of the McMurdo Shear Zone SZ.

A long-term ice core ethane record will provide new knowledge on the chemistry of Earth?

Input and output data fields are given in a 2. However, no studies have measured krill acid-base regulation, metabolism, growth, or reproduction in the context of ocean acidification or synergistic ‘greenhouse’ conditions of elevated CO2 and temperature.

This nearly completely unexplored region is the single largest and least understood marine aeb system that is potentially unstable. Results will directly enhance interpretation of South Pole ice-core records, and also advance understanding of firn densification aw-30335 drive next-generation firn models. Furthermore, these projects will pioneer an uszp implementing recommendations from the National Research Council committee on Principles of Environmental Stewardship for the Exploration and Study of Subglacial Environments The overall WISSARD project will test the overarching hypothesis that active water drainage connects various subglacial environments and exerts major control on ice sheet flow, geochemistry, metabolic and phylogenetic diversity, and biogeochemical transformations.

High latitudes are responding to climate change more rapidly than the rest of the planet and the disappearance of ice shelves are a key manifestation of climate warming.


United States Antarctic Program Data Center (USAP-DC)

This project will bridge gaps between the small and isolated areas previously surveyed and will acquire a detailed sedimentological record of the retreating grounding line. Results will be disseminated through publications and conference presentations and the data will be archived and publicly available. The subglacial brine is released from a crevasse at the surface of the Taylor Glacier aw-0335 an accessible portal into an Fere subglacial ecosystem. FitzgeraldPlateau collapse model for the Transantarctic Mountains—West Antarctic rift system; insights from numerical experiments, Geology, wsb, — Phytoplankton Wsb in the Antarctic: Interpreted stratigraphic horizons include six inferred early Oligocene or olderand dated late Oligocene through Middle Miocene unconformities and other reflectors; the interpretations of the reflections were gridded.

This work will help biologists understand the environmental success of this alternative nutritional strategy, and to assess the potential impact of anthropogenic climate change on the organism. The surveys will be conducted as part of the Icebreaker Oden science opportunity and will take advantage of the vessel’s state-of-the-art swath mapping system.

Additionally, the molecular basis of cold adaptation in forams will be examined, particularly with respect to key proteins. The project will help to develop the next generation of scientists and will contribute to the education and training of two Ph.

Abstract Show on Map. Influence of floating islands on pelagic ecosystems in the Weddell Sea. Fjords long, narrow, deep inlets of the sea between high cliffs along the central coast of the Peninsula appear to be intense, potentially climate sensitive, hotspots of biological production and biodiversity, yet the structure and frree of these fjord ecosystems are very poorly understood.

The electrical measurements also produce a 2-D image of the electrical layering on a longitudinal cut surface of each core.