To be able to connect to the robot, the router must be running mdns bonjour also called zero-conf according to Phil. Apologies for the confusion! Here is a snapshot of the vision code taken on January 4, If the shooter is e-stopped, the output will say so repeatedly in the “-f” output. This is generally between two commits, often different patch sets of the same change. Feel free to contact me with any questions,.

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Please read through the README file included in the top directory of the code folder for more information about how to go about doing this.

Austin has successfully used Bazel to download code to a robot though. The NI FRC Update is not widriver yet, the encrypted version should be posted late tonight or early tomorrow morning.


This will put the Installed it on a Windows 7 machine and it worked fine. After doing this for the Third Robot, the robot code did not start up automatically.

Don’t know why this worked. I copied it to my desktop.

Software | Spartan Robotics (FRC )

The Bazel infrastructure doesn’t currently support all of the configurations the Gyp one does, which I’m working on. It appears that there needs to be a DHCP server running for the networking to work. A change has one or more patch sets see below. Paste that into your linux terminal. Use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope the software was shipped in. Some people prefer reinstalling from scratch too. Brian gave me the following command as I was trying to change code on the robot and needed to do a git update.


NI tools & Wind River Workbench update available (large downloads!) – FIRST Forums

This “currently checked out” version of the code is called a “working tree”. Use the following command to set up the eth0 network: Errors in the elevator height that are multiples of this are due to the timing belt skipping: Here is a snapshot of our code right before the start of the season with roboRIO support.

And try the push again: It d epends if you want encoder value, potetiometer value, zeroed value, or something else. The imaging tool was able to find the cRIO at If it does not work, then run this one instead: This means they do things like update it when you make new commits.

Follow on to Austin’s message – From Phil Schrader. We’re planning to migrate away from Gyp on Wheezy soon.

San Jose, CA I set the IP address to the download computer to Jack opened port for the team to use to on February 7, The code enables the windrjver to have control of the drive base and the turreted shooter.


Again, use the software key that is printed on the back of the envelope that the software was shipped in for the update.

Michael, Campbell, and Adam. It features an elevator system which uses PIDs to account for gravity. To change the height of the fridge after the robot deposits a stack on the platform or make some other such change.

Here’s a list of some basic terminology related to the code which is helpful for gaining a basic understanding. The driver station was set to use DHCP too. Does WindRiver need to be uninstalled and re-installed with the new cd?