Certified Buyer , Visakhapatnam. It’s support the old games but not support latest version of the graphics games. As of , absolutely no computer will have a motherboard that has an AGP slot. It uses an AGP slot. Faiz rahman ck 7 May, Universal card, so no worry about compatibility!!!! Thanks for fast delivery.

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Certified BuyerLucknow. Could run Windows 7 aero with it!!!! Awesome upgrade for my 5 years old computer This card will not make your system a supercomputer, but if you have an old system with AGP port, this card will definitely increase graphics performance.

This card was released in I have an 8 year old system, desperately in need of an upgrade. So if you upgrade to windows 7 and above, this card will not work.

Did a search in local market no one had the last piece of the AGP card did a search online found couple of options and now its been delivered to me Since it is old gen graphics card. It has only sp3 driver so you cannot use the other window vx graphic purpose driver.


GeForce FX 5500

Certified BuyerHyderabad. It’s not increase the graphics of the windows Sp3 and Window Vista, Rorsa 7 etc. The item, sent from Thirupati Enterprises, comes in good condition and it’s a new one Happy that found it on flipkart.

As ofabsolutely no computer will have a motherboard that has an AGP slot. Certified BuyerVisakhapatnam. Have doubts regarding this product?

XFX GeForce FX 5500 (256MB, AGP 8x)

I upgraded my computer only in and was stuck with this card for 6 years, now I nviidia to caution any future buyers. I have a pretty old computer at home was in search of AGP card as my old one conked out. It uses an AGP slot. I’m quite surprised that this card is still being sold.

I ngidia this card in believing in the hype and immediately regretted the decision. Only drawback is that drivers for this device are available only until Windows Vista.

Finding this graphics card was bit tough. Louis 23 Mar, Jagdish Sachdeva Certified Buyer 11 Jul, It’s support the old games but not support latest version of the graphics games. Do not believe the above review in this page its absoulutely rubbish card you cant play crysis in its lowest gefirce hmmmm so never buy this card crappy card it can only play games even the aoe 3 cant max out in this card we know that crysis is a great fps game and require high end cards not a forsa it cant play crysis so the above review is absolutely foolish never beleive that revivew also the above review is sayin that this can max out max payne 3 max payne Certified BuyerNew Delhi.



PassMark – GeForce FX – Price performance comparison

Improper installation misuse or neglect or operation with faulty equipment repair or modification. Let me tell you what you need to know about this card: Awesome service by Flipkart too It is also not HD capable. This is a good AGP card for its price.

Faiz rahman ck 7 May,