Re-run the MirrorSync installer and you can reset the password to whatever you want. That field does not get treated as a data modification by MirrorSync. However, serial numbers are fully supported, and if it’s difficult to switch to UUIDs, stick with what you have. Sign up using Email and Password. If for some reason you get your timeout up to 2 hours and still fail in your testing, subsequent timeout updates need to be changed in an additional file. There’s nothing that can be done to fix this: This will check to see if the file is running offline, and whether it has ever been synced before.

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This is pretty simple – just make an offline copy for that user, delete whatever data you don’t want the user to have, and then send it to the user. If you set this, you will receive e-mail notifications whenever the sync fails or succeeds, depending on what granularity you set kdbcdriver e-mails to. This issue arises if a syncing solution has more than syncing fields in a single table.

What do I do? Essentially, it’s just an incorrect value.

If you are using FileMaker Server as the hub database, there are a few tips to be aware of. April 17, However, if you must use a schema like this, you should select ‘Developer-managed’ primary keys.


You could of course do more sophisticated operations such as combining values from the second record into the first, or simply mark the records as potential duplicates for an administrator to clean up later rather than actually deleting them.

By entering an e-mail address here and specify a severity from the pull-down menu, you can receive an e-mail message when certain events occur.

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DB2 control center Philip,, go to Start,,then settings Hi, I have never used databases with Java but I have to start now. Let’s say that your table contains a regular modification timestamp called ‘Modification timestamp’. There are a lot! Yes, IF they are set to ‘always’ as opposed to ‘Only during data entry’, which is the default. This error would occur for any script that contains both references to a single hosted file.

This means that primary keys should not be based on anybody’s name, initials, social security, office location, company, username, etc. Since FileMaker Pro does not have the ability to copy and paste tables, you’ll need to follow these jdbcfriver to create the MirrorSync table. So far, we have been able to trace all of these occurrences to jdbcxriver of the following 3rd party extensions:. I have a html page that posts some info which is received by the jsp page.

If you get this error during an incremental sync not the initial syncand if you are not expecting to get a large number of changes during the incremental sync, check your MirrorSync customization script. MirrorSync runs very well in Linux – it’s our preferred deployment platform, and it’s how we deploy our live demo file. The user will be prompted for their password when they first sync. Below is an allocation of 1 Gigabytes. MirrorSync 3 is free for one device, but Portfolio Bundle http: If you need to selectively delete certain records prior to them downloading a copy of the file, but you need to customize this for each user: Here are some examples of multi-spoke configurations:.


All materialfiles, logos, and trademarks within this site are properties of their respective organizations. No, not in MirrorSync 2 or later. The passwords do not need to match between the local file and the hosted file. To install multiple instances of MirrorSync, choose the Hosting provider option in the installer. It will detect when the same record s are modified on both database and take action.

Friday, April 07, 4: Sometimes this internal database can get out of date, especially if primary keys are modified in the database. You may enable the ‘prohibit modification’ option for MirrorSync-managed keys, because MirrorSync only reads from this field, it does not write to it. If you would like to use ESS tables, there are additional steps.