Hi sieu, you could add a ballast or choke in series with the transformer, i have not yet had the oppertunity to modify one so my knowledge on microwave transformers is not good. Hi Capgi Thank you for the feedback, if you would like to, please write about your project and show it on http: Thanks anyone for help me complete the driver. That is good for normal operation, V and up to perhaps an hundred KHz. A transistor will only conduct as much current as you also feed its base times the amplification ratio of it. However for a low power application it should work great I started out using them.

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December 20, at The voltage and power of the arc were decreasing all the time, and now it was just barely better than the 2N circuit. November 5, at The psu is rated for w but for Chinese one I will just draw w at most.

The problem with making my own is that I do not have an LCR meter to measure the inductance of a homemade inductor. I have not run across a board that implements the improved circuit. If you dlyback tank voltage below V then youre good to go. The tank transfformer and 0. In television sets, this high frequency is about 15 kilohertz Andrewgood to hear that voltage increase improved performance.

ZVS Flyback Driver G1

With this configuration, the resistors from the power supply to the gate can be lower e. As noted earlier, the zener diodes limit the FET gate to source voltage to the maximum specified in the spec sheet. May 12, at I finally got round to trying mine out on 36v input, http: It appears that component selection is not well understood because of the unique characteristics of a resonant Royer-type oscillator. IF both LEDs are lit, then the unit is operating properly. Adding a inductive choke in series with the current transformer just dissipated the heat equally between the choke and the transformer, that is not much different than adding turns to the primary it will run at 1.


If you use a good ferrite core you can get away with as few turns as I, if its a yellow iron powder core from a atx psu f. Mazilli ZVS flyback driver Introduction The Mazilli ZVS flyback driver is well-known throughout the high voltage community for its simplicity and ability to deliver kV at high currents for a flyback transformer. The voltage and frequency can each range over a wide scale depending on the device. I have 18v Zenner diodes and i cant remember which the ultrafast diodes are.

I measured the capacitance of the bulging caps with my cheap Chinese LCR meter and it said 0.

ZVS Flyback Driver G1 |

Become a member to follow this project and never miss any updates Become a member. A LCR meter in invaluable in electronics anyway, you need it! In transfofmer displays, the LOPT, voltage multiplier and rectifier are often integrated into a single package on the main circuit board. Thus, the ratio of the choke impedance to the primary impedance with a sustained arc is approximately 4 to 1 As Hanghuutri asked, maximum frequency… I drove this circuit into the MHz range, using two IRF very low gate charge with low gate resistors, stopping at about 15V supply voltage.


July 10, at Also it may be way too powerful for simple ozone generation. One advantage of operating the transformer at the flyback frequency is that it can be much smaller and lighter than a comparable transformer operating at mains line frequency. Between the rod and the frame is an air gap, which increases the reluctance.

But I guess the voltage tolerance is derated for higher frequencies. That could cause a condition in which both FETs are conducting at the same time. It worked great for a little while until it just died. Until the introduction of Mazilli’s circuit, flybacks were typically driven with a single transistor and a feedback winding or with a push-pull transistor configuration e.

Any ideas on making a 12 volt, lower power more primary turns that will give a good spark but far less, non-lethal, current unit? Continuing the discussion here: