Finally, there must be an ‘alias’ for speedy so it’s also known locally as speedy. Can I piggy back on that existing service? We recommend you view this 5 minutes video that shows a flexlm installation on Windows: To ensure success with FLEXlm across domains, do the following: I’ve received FLEXlm license files from 2 different companies.

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You don’t have to combine license files. When he tested the available licenses with the lmtools utility he found that it reported no licenses available. In these situations, the vendor will have to relink, or recompile with v5 FLEXlm.


Moreover, since lmgrd is a lightweight process, for sites without system administrators, this is often the simplest and therefore recommended way to proceed. These are not legal hostnames, although PCs will allow you to enter them, and they will not work with DNS.

The FLEXlm date format uses a 4-digit year. Download registry file zipped, bytes My license server does not start on Windows 7. Upon testing the installation he received an error informing him that the artwork daemon was down or that another instance of artwork was running. In general, these have no impact on FLEXlm.


You may receive one of the following error messages:. We’re using FLEXlm over a wide-area network. I’ve received a new copy of a product from a vendor, and it uses a new version of Windosw. Yes, lmgrd runs in fkexlm own window. I’ve received FLEXlm license files from 2 different companies. I’ve received a new license file, and the format is different from the old one I had from the same vendor?

If you’ve received 2 versions of a product from the same vendor, you must use the latest vendor daemon they sent you. It’s purely a matter of preference.

FLEXnet License Manager

Will it continue working in the year ? If my client dies, does the server free the license?

One of fpexlm customers installed flexlm lmgrd and the artwork. If you’ve combined license files from 2 vendors, you must use the latest version of lmgrd. Yes, unless the client’s whole system crashes.


It blocks access to the network card, thus preventing FLEXlm to obtain the ethernet id. FLEXlm applications send periodic heartbeats to the server to discover if it flexpm died.


If all components application, lmgrd and vendor daemon are v6. Many system administrators, especially for larger sites, prefer to combine license files to ease administration of FLEXlm licenses. What flelxm we do to improve performance?


What happens when the server dies is then up to the application. When a license server and a client are located in different domains, fully-qualified host names have to be used.

How to I get the hostid of the license server? Do I have to combine them? This is caused by lmgrd. Is it ok to run lmgrd as ‘root’ Unix only? Flexlm is used by virtually every EDA company to license software. Assuming communications is TCP, the license is automatically freed immediately.