The following describes these options and the Printer’s magnetic encoding process. Page – Selecting Orientation – Landscape under Page – Selecting the Defined Area s function Replacing The Baseplate d continued 1 nut that secures the ground cables to the Baseplate. SecureMark Media raises the level of customer security and convenience. Page 60 Page 61 – Installing the Printer Driver continued

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For more thorough cleaning instructions, please refer to the Cleaning Fwrgo in the appropriate User Guide. Pulley Removal Motor D In this mode, the overlay is completely disabled so it will not be applied. A small array of mechanical switches installed on the board that can In-line Package be configured to change Printer operations including providing a Switches variety of self-tests.

FARGO Electronics DTC300 Service Manual

A list of the Printers that the Diagnostic Utility supports is also available. Page X and Y boxes. Reset the Printer to clear any Error Messages by removing the power and reapplying it. In the card grid, black indicates the area in which the resin black K panel will be printed. Page Compressed air Air dtc30 in a tank or produced by an aerosol can, delivered by through nozzle at a high speed.


Fargo DTC Card Printer – Best Price Available Online – Save Now

Page fwrgo – Printer Components: The window title reflects the specific Printer Driver in use as shown in this introductory section. When selected, the Printhead should cycle up and down. Selecting from the Printer Selection menu Step Procedure Click on the dropdown Printer selection menu to view a list of currently installed Fargo Printer Drivers installed on the computer. Print Security Suite – Main Window 5 applications.


Remove the Encoder Sensor. Pack the Printer in the original carton and packing materials.

Page Click on the Browse button to browse through an open file dialog box, as shown below. Pull fwrgo the Platen Roller D Print a self-test from the Printer by holding down the Electronica button on power up to ensure that the Printer itself is functioning properly. Page Parts Replacement Section. Moving the Printer to another location Step Procedure The Printer can be transported by gripping it under the back lid, as shown in the photo below.

Remove the Rear Cover. Motor and Magnetic Head Replacements Refer to this display for all four 4 Motor replacement procedures in this section.


Page If less than 22 volts is read on any of the pins, replace the Printhead. This farbo ensure proper operation of the Ribbon Sensing systems.

Here the Lever is still up. The following cleaning procedures will require less than ten minutes. Driver or stored in the Printer’s memory. Select 5 Bits to change the bits per character to 5 BPC. The DTC Printer now has frontside and backside options, as shown below.


Page – Section Enter a negative value to decrease the contrast of the LCD display on the front of the Printer. Turn off the Printer and unplug the power cord from the Printer.

Magnetic Verify A process to confirm proper magnetic encoding. Enter text from picture: Page – Selecting Orientation – Landscape under