These are actual 1: Why waste time entering new waypoints on the tiny screen of your Magellan eXplorist ? In ExpertGPS, connect those waypoints into a route, and the acreage is automatically calculated. All Forerunner models; most Garmin watches. The Magellan eXplorist can hold 20 routes, each containing up to 49 turns or stops. Review title 45 characters remaining. It’s kinda cool because it uses the same little “green box” icons that geocaching.

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And the waypoint and track style editors 6600 you create your own map symbols, change track colors, and customize exactly how your GPS and map data is drawn. Despite the eXplorist’s wealth of features, it nevertheless resides in a compact, waterproof housing IPX-7 at a weight of less than 4 exploriist for fit-in-your-pocket convenience. I was playing with the on the way home and I liked it. Screen is great – i have worn the buttons out on it after 5 years though.

Magellan eXplorist Handheld GPS USB Cable – | eBay

Add and remove keywords and descriptions. I can’t read any of the Garmin GPS in bright day light without having to hide it in the shade my biggest complainbut the eXplorist?


Overall I would say I like the more than thejust for the electronic compass and color screen. Your GPS stores its data on a memory card. Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld Transfer data back to your Magellan eXplorist with a single click.

These are actual 1: This unit works fantastic. Select all the photos for the day, and quickly add the city, state, and location in which they usg taken.

Before you update your Magellan eXplorist firmware or install a custom basemap, Magellan recommends that you backup all of your GPS data. ExpertGPS takes care of all of the coordinate conversion and datum shifts when communicating with your Magellan eXploristfurther reducing errors. Download Free Trial Buy Now! Describe why you feel exploristt certain way. It is also important to keep up with a rapidly changing world so it goes beyond being an amusing toy or fun item. They can then download as much exploriat as possible onto their GPS leaving some room for GPS data collection out in the field.

Most relevant reviews See all 17 reviews. This is your review of the product and not a review of any seller that might have sold you this isb. In ExpertGPS, connect those waypoints into a route, and the acreage is automatically calculated. I am a an avid hunter and walk alot.


Does not come with box or packaging.

View shutter speed, aperture, and other camera settings. Instead, you can load that information to your eXplorist so its accessible where it’s needed most–to guide you right to cache treasures.

Magellan eXplorist 600 Handheld

People who bought this also bought. Still using paper forms, or typing data into your GPS piece-by-piece? Once you reach that limit, your GPS can’t hold any more data. Your Magellan eXplorist can hold waypoints. With ExpertGPS, you’ll be able to view all of your hiking trips over the aerial photos in Google Earth, showing exactly where you went. When they get back, they use ExpertGPS to upload all of their Magellan waypoints, routes, and tracks onto their computer and save it.

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Battery life has been great. If you hike or mountain bike, the trails.