And do you use the intel matrix storage mgr to set up the raid as well? If I could ask two last questions, if it’s not too much trouble. User Control Panel Log out. Click Enter to create the volume. Currently i have the drives setup like this..

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Important notice XP users: Definitely go with at least AHCI. Sorry for all the ignorant questions! Would I have to install new drivers that I scour the internet for?

This is a quick and probably stupid question, so I apologize if I’m posting it in the wrong forum, or shouldn’t be posting it at all. Click Y to confirm your exit. User Control Panel Log out. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Just turn them on in BIOS, download a driver: Thanks for the speedy response. I have nearly the same board as you and tested out the JMB with my setup this evening. I got a imicron error message in Windows 7 writing to the drive so I rebooted and changed it to IDE at which point I couldn’t get back into Windows. It’s easier than you think actually!


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Need to populate JMicron JMB Chip RESOLVED!!! – EVGA Forums

Will shutting them down in the BIOS after installing the drivers cause any sort of error, or warning, for not being able to find them? For the least problems, and best performance without updating and installing drivers. After installation is complete, Windows should ask to reboot. Even a Virustotal scan was green across the board. In this mode, Windows should detect the controller as a standard IDE controller without installing a separate JMicron driver.

When I first set up my system, I didn’t see much need for the jMicron controller. Also, ClamAV seems to think that the driver package you linked has malware in it. And do you use the intel matrix storage mgr to set up the raid as well? Currently i have the drives setup like this.

FAQ ID # – X58 Raid setup and configuration

Thanks for your help! View More Photo Galleries. From there locate the JMB and press enter to jmicrno it to Enable. Or enable in the BIOS first? Thanks though to everyone for all of your time and help!


I wish there was an easier way to nominate you for blue ribbon but I have to look through over 80k members! Select the volume size and click Enter.

jMicron, E-SATA, and x58 SLi

Unless you have selected RAID 1, use the up or down arrow keys to select the strip size and click Enter. On the x58 SLI and X58 classified evva versions there are three controllers on the motherboard. Booting time is this fast? Booting time is this fast?

Jmicron drivers have always been notoriously bad.