Hope this helps everyone with a crappy problem that shouldn’t exist, but hey what are you gonna do. Create a folder in C: View More Photo Galleries. The generic Intel driver does not work any longer. View More Photo Galleries.

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Evga P55 V, LGA Socket, Intel (LF-ETR) Motherboard | eBay

This fix details the annoying issue with the P55V board ethernet adapter failing to establish a connection upon boot up. The NIC card was bought in hopes of bypassing the motherboard’s adapter completely and having the onboard ethernet adapter disabled in Device Manager.

By all rights, Win7 should have picked it up. Next to see where your packets are going use the “router -4 print” command.

Ethernet Issues with P55V

Before deleteing make sure they p55v not for some devices like USBs or some parts of media player. The generic Intel driver does not work any longer. Are there are solutions to this issue?

I’m having some serious issues trying to get any LAN device to work on this board. Has EVGA came up with an official solution? But no adapter works. I tested each out independently, always making sure neither were in use at the same time as the other. View More Photo Galleries.


Forums Posts Latest Posts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By disabling and then enabling it, it will work, but that is a rather annoying thing to do every time I turn on my computer.

EVGA P55V Ethernet problem with Win7 PRO 64bit

If I switch to the other one it works. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Forums Posts Latest Posts. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

Updated my system Battlefield V: Anybody here or EVGA employees please help us? Disabling one adapter does not help too.

EVGA – Articles – EVGA P55 Series Motherboards

User Control Panel Log out. Use the Efga Extractor to ehernet this file into its own folder 6. I’ll be working on trying these suggestions. The BAT file is pretty simple and contains the following lines of code. I would start by removiny your new network card and see if you can get your built in chip to work. There are thousands of mobo from EVGA out there that do not have this issue. I downloaded the drivers referenced in your link and bam!


EVGA’s support page shows only one driver for all the P55 based boards.

I have exact the same problem as you. Inside the batch file enter the following commands echo off C: PM me if you want or need any more help. No response from the team Evga? Just got done going a bit more bald here.

Occurs on Windows XP and Windows 7 32bit Restarting windows usually fixes it but after the first power on it will not show up and show the device cannot start message.