Note If second digit is set to value 4 the bar-code will be printed only if the bar-code for particular PLU was entered. The following lines “Number of transmitted records” – 1 contains sales data saled items. File contains setting of particular extended flags for bar-code settings. Data description for sale and refund. Note Change overwrite date and time bytes 22 — 33 is possible only if daily report is done. ID number of VAT level. Decimal separator can be only one character long.

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Stock value in ECR will not change in case new stock value should be besides allowed range.

The coefficient is in fact time in which the PC will transmit 1, bytes via the communication port divided by the time necessary to send one bit. The characters are not delimited by spaces.

Reading data about journals length 3.

Descriptive text is in each line for particular operation of ECR according to programming manual. Each of these forms use other command line arguments. EuroT Alpha is suitable solution for environment with medium sale cadence where PC on-line communication and bar code scanner are certainty.


Error codes ACK results.

Comm2A (generic version)

Sale is not possible. Important Rate has to contain decimal point. Actual time from PC in following format ” Time: Not all cash registers support all commands.

Communication port range depends on ECR type. Juli JAD Illegal characters and roman numbers are converted from text to binary data as ‘space’.

Print mode of bar code: Next image Previous image. Note Command 7 is used only for Euro and Euro PLU number for total price coding to bar code — 3 rd line: See binary description for detailed informations. Obtaining information about last sold item in PC-Online mode.

Euro-2000 Alpha Cash Register

If any error occurs while decoding of data, these data will be printed in hexadecimal form at the corresponding line after ” ” characters. Receipts are separated in logical blocks its is possible to separate every stored purchase from whole block data.

Port 0 means that communication is disabled. In commands 3 Finish sale4 Finish PC ONLINE communication8 sub-total and 9 receipt void are data ignored, but should contain data in valid range for example 0x00 in whole data area. Programming PLU without stock state into Euro Byte Meaning type Flag digit 2 type of secondary electronic scales – see user manual for scales types BYTE 7 1 al;ha not used – – eueo.


Supported parameters marked values in are automatically set during initialisation. Note The seventh item values have to be resettled 0x00 — text and rate too!

EuroM/T/TE Alpha | ELCOM Cash Registers

Data description for Euro and Euro Programmed price is inactive. Secondary currency exchange rate 3. Configuration file description 1. Next step must be done on ECR sale, end of sale Lines set system flags of ECR. DPT assignment 1 — 8 8 th digit: Data contains 1 line with eugo value.