I use a waveterminal x. Multi-channel support It supports 5. ESI Juli control panel is easy and clear. Headphone Amp Spec 1 Output Power: Modern PCs are easily fast enough to provide better sounding effects and software synthesizer sounds compared to current DSP solutions.

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When you use only one Waveterminal X or other device was set as slave, you have to choose this mode. It is not affect on recording in software.

Motherboard with Intel series chipsets BX, and so on 3. The box for ESI Juli is nice and functional. As next picture, the cable consists of total of 5 connectors.

Connect from Sync out of Master clock card to Sync In of slave card. Interface names mean the following applications: The Waveterminal X Control Panel is built for easy to use.

bit recording with ESI Waveterminal x – ACID Product Family – MAGIX Community Forums Archive

Many users ask us to test not only the quality of linear output, but that of the linear input as well. Just follow the steps below and you will complete it without any hassel.

The card will fit wavterminal your slot waveterminl then tighten the screw. Thorough audition in the same conditions, using the same cable and instantly switching between the cards did not reveal any difference in their sounding. External device will be Master device and Waveterminal X will become slave device.


eso This chapter is for Waveterminal X only If you complete the Waveterminal X hardware driver installation, you need to learn about the Waveterminal X Control Panel. This chapter is for Waveterminal X only Basically, Waveterminal X is a digital audio interface with analog 2 channel stereo input, analog 6 channel output and Digital stereo Optical output.

For more detailed info, please refer to the manual of the software. Do not select 2 ch driver. We do plan to design a variety of rack casings to give our users more connection possibilities, both for the consumer and professional music markets.

Waveterminal X provides waveterminaal quality headphone amp. The DAC spec is the same as Revo.

ESI Waveterminal 192L User Manual

ESI Juli sound card: Hello everyone, After reading an interesting post by FitzRoy, here is a copy of a response I made in another thread: In this mode, you can set sample rate manually. Usually, the PCI slot is the white-colored slot.

These 4 cables are labeled for easier distinction. This control panel is what you control your setup for the Waveterminal X.

Windows will automatically install second driver. Config — Latency This will decide the latency of the Waveterminal X. Independent support for MME applications Several MME applications can be used simultaneously, and the drivers will not complain that the device is busy.


Preparation for hardware installation Waveterminal X or L PCI card and other components in the computer can be easily damaged by electrical shock. In the loopback mode when the output and the input of the card are connected there is no such drawback, thus we have some disalignment in the operation of balance interfaces in this specific device combo.

This is for using more than one more Waveterminal X in one computer system. Waveterminal X and L have eesi features, functions, shape and also same installing process. Close the computer case.

After successfully installing Waveterminal X hardware and driver, you can see the icon on the system tray. We also believe that we have developed a great value for audio professionals and audio wavetermijal with Juli – currently one of the best solution on the market for digital recording because of its exceptional circuitry design.

This is for using more than one more Waveterminal L in one computer system.