Comment 4 Geoff N So, the default after boot up seems to be correct. I can provide a patch if you like. Currently, I’m in contact with ATI to get an solution for this. See this page for forcing static configurations in your xorg. Can you attach your xorg log and config from the system with the updated bios? Description Geoff N

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Currently, I’m in contact with ATI to get an solution for this. Comment 6 Geoff N Comment 3 Geoff N I’ve attached the Xorg. Most xinit scripts should take care of this.

What I can see is, that the content of the register is changing, depending on the configuration monitor attached to 2nd port or not. Output of ‘git log’ after ‘git clone git: Thanks again for your help.

The EDID comes from the monitor so if there is no monitor connected, the driver will not able to get one for that port. Comment 25 Geoff N Rs1000 into the available register description, the main reason for the faulty display is the DAC output standard. If it’s succeeding even when no monitor is attached, then either the algorithm needs adjustment for your chip i.


This fits also to the settings seen under Windows. In case of a connected monitor, the value is 0xe After applying the change to xorg.

My process for applying the patch was as follows. Can we force VGA-0 in xorg. I can provide details of the blade if required but I think you will conclude this is an ATI ES device id e problem. I don’t want to specify the Modelines as I can’t guarantee what monitor our customer will eventually connect. Ew1000 following refer to files in attached xorg-tests.

ATI ES1000

Comment 8 Alex Deucher Which is great if I was using that output. I’ve attached the xorg. The bios you are using only lists the primary DAC in the connector table, so the driver has no knowledge of the second DAC. If you dispkay more information, please let me know. Comment 2 Geoff N Display is washed out bleached on 2nd monitor.

The system I am using is a blade enclosure. Comment 38 Alex Deucher You’ll need to tell the es10000 via xrandr to re-detect the outputs.


– Display is washed out on 2nd monitor – ATI ES chipset

Comment 34 Alex Deucher I tried with the original xorg-xdrv-ati Do you have an idea? It needs a valid screen to start X and as none have been detected it fails. Now, there are two VGA ports defined. I disply adjusting the Options as you suggested and got the same behaviour as above. Sorry, I meant comment