With the bigger tool locker on the new boat, I’ve decided to designate the current drill as a “boat tool” rather than a “workshop tool”, and have bought a 12v charger to match. A man on this group has just bought a conventional flued cast iron boiler. Argentinean production has been trebled his past year. Pity as almost all my mains tools are Makitas – some 30 years old. Got the box and charger but can’t find the drill anywhere. Posted in Home Repair.

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The steel deck of my expensive Hayter lawn mower rotted away the local agent said it was because I’d used it to cut grass that wasn’t dry! Having bought a multi tool and hand drill from Aldi, both with lithium cells, there is no way I’d go back to NIMH or NI Cad cells, the difference in torque, endurance and charging times is dramatic.

Pleased about that as it cost me a few hundred pounds. I think your question could easily be turned round. Mark Contact options for registered users. Anyone interested can PM me and I will forward the system.

I’ve lost my drill! [Archive] – Yachting and Boating World Forums

I keep meaning to try and make one good battery out of the two duff ones. I bought a DeWalt 18V drill.

It’s had some hammer over a period of years and, touch wood, it’s till going strong. The drills are fine but the chinese batteries no longer hold charge.


Erbauer drills 14.4V vs 18V?

I managed to salvage one battery out of three that I tried. Andy Hall Contact options for registered users. You should get together, he’s got the drill but no battery.

Just noticed that dancrane has started a similar thread – spooky! The mechanics and control of the motor are simply not up to any meaningful hammer action for any length of time.

Erbauer 14.4v 2.6ah Lithium Power Drill Battery – Erb424chr

Very powerful, reliable, not worn out yet the torque is dangerously high, so care needs to be taken if using a large hole saw My Bosch electric hedge trimmer admittedly V broke some teeth in the mechanical part of the drive just outside the warranty period, as did my Bosch Jigsaw that was a blue one, apparently a non DIY one. Quality, price and flexibility. They are as equally good in quality. It was cordless and a cheap DIY shed own brand so almost anything would be better but I don’t want to pay silly money.

This will filter into power tools too. Andy Hall snipped-for-privacy hall. I haven’t got exclusively Kress tools but the ones I have got, I’ve been happy with. The haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy. It’s been a good day for finding erhauer as I also found my mooring which I have been looking for for the past two weeks.

You always end up with a crappy tool, just to avoid the possibility that you might miss out on Feature X in 10 years time. Sadly my dad insisted on giving me his “budget” quality cordless drill that he never used so now I can’t go and buy something heavyweight without being labelled a spendthrift. I heard some Fat bloke called Domino singing that he found his on Blueberry hill.


erbauer batteries | eBay

Good balance, good speed control, seemed well made. They will almost all have been made in China. Batteries have AEG on them I bought them because I now have 9 chinese and jap drills including hitachi and makita all with duff batteries all have lasted well and given ok service but the batt’connections have changed every few years and I have not been able to replace the batt’s.

Simple enough concept, simply double the voltage of the tool battery with either car batteries or welding plant etc. Light and high capacity. A far better solution is to buy a good quality cordless drill as I have erbauwr this will do anything up to and including light to medium masonry work and then a corded hammer or SDS drill for heavier masonry work.

You can get a Makita Vented Nicads can be very quick to charge and give high torque on a par with Li but they only came with real quality kit, and probably no longer available, but the weight!!