Going into details for the problem I encounter, it prints out some missing lines. My Epson MFD l also has the same problem with scanner functionality. Richard rimcaw wrote on Now when you install the printer to Ubuntu, I saw, it doesn’t need the driver installer disk, used to be when installing to windows system. The workaround described by Nicolas Knotzer solved the problem for me. Till Kamppeter till-kamppeter on

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Now when you install the printer to Ubuntu, I epdon, it doesn’t need the driver installer disk, used to be when installing to windows system. Nicolas Knotzer nicolas-knotzer-gmail on Latest scanner driver from epson Ver.

How-to Get & Install Epson L Linux Mint Driver & Software: freeuniverse

Maybe I haven’t try harder to search for answers but I would be glad if min can point it to me. I followed instructions here: October 12th, 2. Est tu sur de ce que tu as transmis?


Brother where the driver has to be downloaded. Download full text 5. Richard rimcaw wrote on Aravind Gopal myaravindg-gmail wrote on Printing with black only is perfect. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Install the package and confirm that its dependencies are not satisfiable. The laptop can no longer access the Epson XP printer. I have an Epson L and the official drivers can’t be installed under Is there a need to install gnome-panel just to run one program?

Download Printer Driver ESC/P Driver (full feature)

Thank you in advance. Where to file a bug like this. February 19th, 6. I see that this effects other makes of printer e.

Epson – drivers & downloads

Then enter the name you would like the icon to have, the terminal command to start it, and a file path to a picture for the icon you want. I’ll try to summarize this unhappy discussion: The currently available version 1. Bruno Nova brunonova wrote on There I have added two new binary packages, cups-filters-lsb and cups-filters- invalid- mta which imnt replace the removed lsb The workaround works for me, too. Changed in epson-inkjet-printer-escpr Ubuntu: Even when printer- driver- escpr succeeds, some Epson functions are missing E.


How-to Get & Install Epson L110 Linux Mint Driver & Software

Quand je passe sur Windows, tout va bien! Launchpad Janitor janitor on Roderic Jones rodericj on Using the “Add Printer” function from the “All Settings” application, add your printer.

What is the problem? Workaround did not help.

The problem is that downloadable printer drivers like the ones from Openprinting, but also from other available lonux that are suggested when installing a printer on Ubuntu depends on lsb, which is not available anymore:.

I had searched around the net but got no luck, so I try to ask help in this forum.