I have worked several months now with the diskless USB-pen system XVesa, ratpoison, rxvt, ssh and firefox and very seldom I require more computing power. Find More Posts by vectordrake. Next, I flipped a Slackware So the main parts of the hardware where up and running without any human intervention, the hardware-recognition in the installation scripts had done their job very well. Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues.

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I power up my heavier epis only a few times per month. The following links will give you an idea of what this page is refering to:. I had also bought a small and quiet “ITX”-powersupply to power the board.

EPIA – mini itx – chipset – Linux

When I ran the webcam software the processes would tend to go into an iowait state. Next, I flipped a Slackware Enough stuff to play with: All times are GMT linnux Anyway here is the solution:.

Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. More like a Celerononly has 64KB L2 cache.

Is a VIA Epia enough for linux system ?!?

The hardware was nicely recognized and installation went as any other i installation. Find More Posts by Crito. The X server hogs the bandwidth and as the webcam doesn’t have enough of a buffer to hold data thus times out and gives up.


Be sure to compile support for your VIA IDE controller into the kernel and be sure generic IDE is not selected and you’ll be fine you may find yourself getting a sound card, though.

I think I recognize those chipsets as comatible. Linux – Hardware This forum is for Hardware issues. With the bogomips it is faster then my AMD box bogomips and my imac G3 bogomipsand playing around with it, confirms that.

Oh my proc is mhz and i hear people say its has a comparable speed of a p2. Having trouble installing a piece of hardware?

Next I had problems getting my webcam to work. Fully supported by linux. However, because it is linnux, silent and requires not much power, there are a zillion of things you can use the Epia board for:.

Linux on the VIA EPIA ME LVDS Mini-ITX |

Registration is quick, simple and absolutely free. Find More Posts by kysen.

If you use VLC or Mplayer for playback, you’re going to find that anything plays well. To start the thing, I wired two thin wires see picture below on the motherboard power-switch pins and when they contacted each other the thing started booting.


Linux on the VIA EPIA ME6000 LVDS Mini-ITX

The main purpose would be multimedia mp3 and videoweb and office I had problems with the mouse cursor in X not being lined up right. Richard Skeen helped solve this problem. After only 20 minutes of toying we got:.

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Rio de Janeiro – Brazil Posts: Unfortunately, my small monochrome x monitor wasn’t able to cope with the high resolution picture the EM provided. It’s down to the amount of bandwidth of the pci bus. After the reboot the network was up linix running and for fun I plugged an USB-mouse in the thing and typed “startx”.

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