It is also extremely tolerant of power failures during file write sequences. Connect a regulated 5VDC, 1A minimum power source on the power input connector. To help our customers make the most of our products, we are continually making additional and updated resources available on the Technologic Systems website at http: This manual is intended to provide the user with an overview of the board and benefits, complete features specifications, and set up procedures. The number is generated from internal random entropy. Although there is only an 8- bit address register, it is trivial to use other free GPIO lines as high address lines should you need more than bytes of address space for the GPBUS.

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These devices supply additional non-volatile storage either for data or for a complete operation system distribution, such as Debian, to be used with the TS SBC. When power is applied, the default boot behavior is fastboot, which provides a busybox prompt in under 2 seconds. Ensure that mounting screws and connector attachment screws are tightly secured.

These include manuals, application notes, programming examples, and updated software and firmware. After it is complete, the red LED will go off.

EP | Cirrus Logic

Our Single Board Computers boot directly to Linux as shipped. If the WDT counter reaches the timeout period, then a full system reset occurs.

Help information is provided by supplying –help to any given command, for example cp –help. This allows time critical interrupts to be processed in the shortest time possible. With Debian, one can easily install and remove software packages.


The ADC pins can be found on the lower-header, pins respectively, see section 6. Three methods are available for transferring files between a desktop PC and your TS- If you really need a low-power board, consider the TS, which is optimized for low gpi applications. The backlight can be enabled and dimmed.

High-Performance, Networked, ARM9, System-on-Chip Processor

This change requires a driver update for all SBC using Linux kernels older than 2. A copy of the original invoice must be included when returning the defective unit to Technologic Systems, Inc.

These shell scripts were designed to be as fast and simple as possible approximately 45 lines of code for easy customer modifications.

If you want to use Linux and aren’t tied to the x86 architecture, the TS can be very cost-effective. All signals are at RS levels.

There are bytes of “tag memory” or FPGA internal flash used to store various configuration values. The board has an intended infinite production lifetime, meaning Technologic Systems will build and sell TS’s in as low as single piece gpuo as long as its constituent parts are readily available. Plug the unit into a different outlet so that the unit and receiver are on different branch circuits.

The TS, as shipped by default from Technologic Systems will never be altered significantly from its originally introduced state. Flash memory may also be added using USB memory drivers. Please pull this connector off before applying power.


TS – Technologic Systems Manuals

Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause interference, in which case the owner will be required to correct the interference at his own expense.

It uses the start sector and size parameters of the partition table to load the first partition Linux kernel at offset 0x and the second partition if it exists at 0x Ep93022 initrd. This means if you drive any GPIO pin configured as input to above 3.

Refer to the MMU section of this manual to understand how the physical memory is mapped and the virtual memory is translated. Audio Ep902 Generation and Jitter Reduction.

One can still use cross-compilers hosted on just about any platform if there is a specific need. Disconnect the power source before moving, cabling, or performing any set up procedures. To automatically boot full Debian, link it instead to linuxrc-sdroot.

With Debian, one can easily install and remove software packages. A Logic “1” turns the LED on. To ensure optimum product operation you must maintain the operational environmental specifications listed in the table below. It is also possible to talk to hardware devices from user space.