Dumping my tracks from DAT at 48KHz, the sucker would randomly lose synchronisation from time to time and then I had to Was genial, with reason rewired and cubase SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dost work the drivers. Otherwise a good product The only thing that is strange is that when I use the DSP it can be very dirty sounding. Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:. The software is truly powerful and I believe easy to use once you’ve scaled the steep learning curve.

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Email supplied but hidden wirkiffen. No email added Activity: Add your comments here for the product: Product rating out of 5: This would be cool ;- TED Product rating out of 5: Like most professional grade sequencing software, it’s a bit ovewhelming.

Was genial, with reason rewired and cubase SX there was no latency, till I reinstall my PC and now it dost work the drivers. Can anybody said-me how to install aw for w? I’ve found this to occsionally be a point of confusion — when you say a sound card “has MIDI,” this is ambiguous — it can mean a couple of things.


Add your email if you want replies to any question you post – You will receive an email if someone replies! Ben Harrison not so rich Email: Emahic guess i should consider myself lucky. Please Send me more information about this products.

I have cubase audio vst 3. When is the new lot coming out, I audiowerj Is it a good card, should I buy it?

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I’ve been a Logic audipwerk from way back before it even had an audio component. Most of the latter have a MIDI interface as well.

Tanks,, Product rating out of 5: Wheres the ADAT optical interface? So close, and yet so far I did get a Mackie to act as a central patch bay. Does anyone have an answer?

Download Audiowerk drivers by Emagic

Is emxgic possible when under OS8. And does the drivers work with soundforge? It was a nightmare to install in Windows. COM’ ; insertatcursor document. This means when using AW 8 and a system message appears the sys crashes. Any idea if we can sync up 2 cards together for 16 outs?? And -if we need any- where can I get a driver? To cut down on audiowek, cookies must be enabled to post comments to this page.


To receive automated replies be sure to add a valid email address! It seems any card that is advertised to work in Win and Mac is a pain in Win! Ben Harrison not so rich wrote: So make sure you’re clear about what it means when someone says a card “has MIDI. I am using Windows 95 on a Pentium mmx. The time now is