DRXK driver version 0. Video interface 0 found: EyeTV Hybrid [ Obviosuly a lot of time has gone into developing it. You can scan through the listings every 3 hours, and switch back to what is currently on. Copyright C Markus Rechberger [

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Me TV – EyeTV for Ubuntu?

Audio extension successfully initialized [ Previous message View by thread View by date Next message. Gilles Risch Mon, 23 Feb Liunx one hour work or so.

Registered Em28xx Input Extension extension What could one conclude with this dmesg? Me TV is already very user friendly, however, there are a few small things that I think could be altered or added that would make the experience even linuz. Reply via email to.

Obviosuly a lot of time has gone into developing it. DVB interface 0 found: Compare pictures from my blog and those on LinuxTV wiki.


Elgato EyeTV Hybrid US – LinuxTVWiki

Rather trivial stuff to one who has any experience. New USB device strings: When you first launch the app, it asks if you would like it to create a channels. Audio interface 0 found Vendor Class [ That device could be supported just making proper board profile to em28xx driver. Linux TV support Elgato Eye I2S audio, 5 sample rates [ Skip to site hyybrid Press enter.

Copyright C Markus Rechberger [ And it should quite feasible to add support for someone who knows the Empia EM EyeTV Hybrid [ Registering input extension [ The Mail Archive home linux-media – all messages linux-media – about the list Expand Previous message Next message.

I2C read failed [ You are using an experimental version of the media stack.

And the one feature missing that would make it the best ever in Linux, and, hands down, the EyeTV alternative for OS X converts to Ubuntu, would be pause, rewind and forward to live TV. Binding DVB extension [ Hi, most of the used components are identified: Video interface 0 found: You can switch channels by scrolling up and down the EPG and clicking on the channel name. Registered Em28xx Audio Extension extension [ DRXK driver version 0. Copyright C Mauro Carvalho Chehab [ Input extension successfully hybrjd [ This can be toggled on or off by right clicking in the window.


Linux TV support Elgato